Pokemon knowledge test 001

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In our world there are a lot of people who occupy with pokemon! There are a little fewer who know the secrets of them! But only a few are Pokemon masters. The reason that i made this test is to find out who are, and who are not!

Are you a pokemon master? Do you have the brainpower to solve this test and qualify this Prestigious title? Thanks to this great test, you will be able to find out in only afew minutes!


  1. Which is garchomp's base attack stat?
  2. which of these pokemon doesn't evolve if it is male?
  3. who of these champions does not have any dragons?
  4. Which one of these has not 100 base attack stat?
  5. Which pokemon controls the flow of time?
  6. Which one of these has bigger base speed stat?
  7. Which is jirachi's special move?
  8. According to the pokedex, which is the biggest pokemon of all?
  9. Which one of The pokemon below has the the biggest base attack stat?
  10. Which is spiritomb's only weakness?

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