Pokemon know it all

This is a test on wether or not you can successfully take on the pokemon league!!!!!!!! Answer these questions to find out where you stand among the great trainers.

Make sure you pack plenty of potions and pokeballs, cause your about to visit some of the good old days of pokemon (1st to 4th gen). First, are u a boy, or a girl?

Created by: gRAPEFRUIT
  1. What kind of pokemon is Pikachu?
  2. In the games: What does the professor at the beginning of each game want you to do for them?
  3. What was the first Pokemon the creators ever made?
  4. How many Pokemon were there in generation 1?
  5. What was Ash's first caught Pokemon?
  6. Who is Ash's rival?
  7. The new Fairy types moves, what are they super effective against?
  8. What was Dawn's first caught Pokemon?
  9. What was the first legendary pokemon Ash saw?
  10. Why didn't Ash get Bulbasaur, Charmander, or Squirtle as his starter?

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