How Well Do You Know Pokemon?

Many people have played Pokemon, watched the Pokemon tv show, or played the Pokemon games, but few are true masters of the Pokemon world. Only champions can complete this test with flying colors.

Are you one of those champions? Can you ace this quiz? Do you qualify for the lofty rank of ultimate Pokemon master? Find out by taking this quiz right here, right now!

Created by: GoldenYoshi

  1. Which games were the first Pokemon games released?
  2. Which is not a real Pokemon game?
  3. Which Pokemon is the series mascot?
  4. How many Pokemon types are there as of generation 6?
  5. Which Pokemon is NOT a fire-type?
  6. How many legendary Pokemon from generation 1 are there? (Not counting Mew.)
  7. How many forms does rotom have as of generation 6? (Not counting normal form.)
  8. What does a Pokeball do?
  9. Which item increases the amount of exp a Pokemon receives after a battle?
  10. What is the special legendary Pokemon that appears in Pokemon xd?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Pokemon?