Please be smart.

I made this test mostly out of just.... questions i made up or have heard before, just to test basic intelligence in history, english, math, science, like 2 questions on media, and those should be dead givaways unless your retarded.

I made this test out of some basic math, science, eng, and history questions, they aren't hard but you have to .... you know... NOT be an infant to figure them out hahaha. there are a few media questions but... they're like star wars and stuff

Created by: Tommy
  1. True or False. French starts with F, ends with E.
  2. Which word in the following sentence is spelled incorrectly? My allusion of Shakespeare invoked such strong responses from the audience, it elicited all but too of them to move towards the door.
  3. Are there ANY errors in the following sentence? "How good do you save money, because I want to go to Sears to, there having a sale, so are money will be worth twice as much there.
  4. (3+1) + 2 x 4 - 3 x (-1)=
  5. America claimed its independence from the British Empire in what year and who was the leader of the British Empire at the time?
  6. If the frequency of a sound wave increases, what happens to the sound vibrations?
  7. Which of these letters was NOT a roman numeral? O,I,V,L,C,D,M,X,?
  8. Who wrote "Call of The Wild"?
  9. Who did Darth Vader have frozen in carbonite?
  10. What was the last thing Bubba said to Forrest Gump before he died in Vietnam?
  11. As of 500 years in the future, what does a "Latte" refer to?
  12. How many characters appear in all 6 of the Star Wars films?
  13. What are Air Force Ones?
  14. What is your IP address?
  15. Which molecules make up the most volume in lemonade?
  16. Where did the Crips originate?
  17. Which of the following is not a religious title?
  18. What do you do if you want that flava?
  19. Who is an hero in this group?
  20. what is the largest amount of cash money you can have without being able to make change for a dollar?
  21. BONUS QUESTION: My favorite ice cream ; my favorite band.

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