Pick Your Poison - (a very delayed) Part 5

Hey y'all! Thanks for coming back to read the next part of my almost dead-ended series! :D I hit major writer's block and school and life got really busy!!

Blake: black hair, startling blue eyes. Medium height. Ryan: blonde hair, deep brown eyes. Taller than average. Johnny: brown hair, green eyes. Medium height. Garrett: red hair, brown eyes. Shorter than average.

Created by: PokeFan
  1. Oh my gosh. HELLO GUYS! I'm sorry I totally abandoned this series! I've been so caught up this summer with school and everything and I've been working on a fanfic...
  2. So, RE-CAP! You had just been attacked by Jessica, the ghost from the room upstairs. She told you about Jeremiah, the guy who killed here when she thought they were friends. As you're telling the guys about it, Jessica takes over your body and they like. Freak out. :3
  3. You nod and continue, "Jessica said that she needed help finding a boy named Jeremiah. She said that he killed her a lo-" you stop short as the guys react violently as one. Blake's fangs slide out, Garrett's ears and eyes grow extra sharp and pointy, Johnny's eyes turn a wolfy golden color, and Ryan's back sprouts razor-sharp wings.
  4. You gasp as the guys transform into their magical forms. "What?!" you cry. "_________," Blake says, "Jeremiah is a bad dude. He tried to kill us. He's one of Zephyr's guys." You gasp. "What happened with y'all and Jeremiah..?" you ask as the guys calm down.
  5. Ryan sighed. "Well, we used to be friends. Jeremiah had powers, just like we did, but he wasn't happy with his. He was strong, but he didn't want to use his powers for good. He wanted to use his powers to rule the world. We, of course, refused." Garrett nodded and continued for Ryan. "We realized that Jeremiah had been corrupted by Zephyr, and we could do nothing to change his mind. We knew there was only one thing we could do- make Jeremiah our enemy."
  6. You nodded. "I think I get it... but did y'all ever beat Jeremiah?" Garrett sighed and shook his head sadly. "No. He ran off to Zephyr and hid from us, and we never were able to find him. We had hoped he was done with, but he obviously isn't... As for this Jessica girl, we've never encountered her before. " You nodded again. "Okay... okay I think I got all this." Johnny walked over from where he was leaning against the wall in the corner. "________, we're going to make sure that Jessica doesn't hurt you anymore, okay?" You smiled. "Alright, thanks guys." Johnny nodded. "As for Zephyr and Jeremiah, I think we're going to need to make a plan to confront them before they come after you, _________." You understood that you needed to devise a strategy, but your stomach was saying otherwise. You look at the clock on the wall and see that it's about lunch time. No wonder your hungry, you slept through breakfast!! "Hey... not to get off topic or anything... but I'm starved."
  7. Johnny laughed. "Of course, you must be hungry. You slept until noon, after all. ( I kinda do this everyday during summmer... xD ) What do you want for breakfast?"
  8. Johnny nodded and went into the kitchen and started making whatever it was that you wanted. All the other guys were going to the kitchen, but Blake came back over to you. "Hey, _______, are you sure you're okay? You still seem pretty shaken up about that whole ghost thing..." You tried to lie. "No, no, I'm fine! Totally!" You faked a smile and headed towards the kitchen. "Let's eat!"
  9. After your brunch, you and the guys decide that you need to go chill out some to relieve the stress. Everyone is open to opinions, and doesn't really mind where you'll go. Where do you want to go?
  10. So guys, sorry that this quiz is a little short, I'm trying to get back to the hang of writing this and feel for this series. Comment where you'd like to go, I'll pick one of the places and use it for the next part! And again, sorry for the short part, and sorry I've been gone for so long.

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Quiz topic: Pick my Poison - (a very delayed) Part 5