The world is full of nurses but we aim to be the best. Take our quiz and find out if you are going to be an expert at assessing your patients' health. Think back to the recording. Can you remember what you are supposed to do?

YOU will be the best nurse ever. If I am ever sick I hope you are the one taking care of me. Hospitals will be fighting over you when you graduate! You will be making lots of money!

Created by: holland
  1. When conducting an exam of the respiratory system, auscultate, and ask the patient to cough and reassess if adventitious sounds are NOT heard.
  2. Palpate the radial and brachial pulses for rate, rhythm and contour, and document pulse amplitude using scale.
  3. When assessing male genitalia, you must also check for inguinal and urethral hemorrhages.
  4. For a gynecological exam, after assessment of the urethra, the next step is to inspect the anus and remaining perianal area.
  5. At the end of a physical assessment, you must summarize the findings, position client for comfort, and return the bed to a low position.
  6. The bell of the stethoscope is used when auscultating the aorta and renal arteries.
  7. You always auscultate voice sounds during a respiration exam.
  8. To assess for pain we use the Glasgow scale.
  9. To measure the weight of a bedridden patient, you must estimate based on experience.
  10. This was the best module!

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