Do You Really Know What Healthy Is?

There are a lot of people who think they know all about health. They give tips about health. But not many people know what real health is. The healthiest person in the world would be the expert.

Do you know about health? Is your taste in health the match to the expert? Nobody knows. But if you take this test, you will find out. I wonder if you are a genius?

Created by: Carrot-Man

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  1. What is the healthiest food in the list?
  2. Which is better for you?
  3. What should you include in every meal?
  4. What is the best way to get calcium?
  5. Milk _______________.
  6. If you ate nothing but raw fruits and veggies for a week,what would happen?
  7. The ideal meal would be _________.
  8. If your score was low, what would your response be?
  9. If your skin turns orange, _________________________.
  10. If your stool is orangey-brown, _________________.

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Quiz topic: Do I Really Know What Healthy Is?