Are You Healthy? {Quiz}.

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Are you healthy? Are you happy? Are you insecure? Are you shy? Are you in between? Are you going to find out the answered to these questions? Yes! Take this quiz {Are you healthy? Quiz.} to find out!

Are you happy? Healthy? Well do not be too shy! Are you? This quiz will determine how healthy you are. It will give bits of advice and all done in two shakes. Okay maybe four or five shakes... Shakes? Anyways take my Are You Healthy? Quiz. Also take other quizzes right on this website!

Created by: Maggie VanAuken

  1. First off, do YOU think that you are healthy?
  2. Do you think others feel you are healthy?
  3. Do you have any allergies?
  4. Do you have any disorders?
  5. What do you eat on a daily basis?
  6. What are the proportions of your meals?
  7. Do you eat organic foods?
  8. How much do you exercise on a daily basis?
  9. How much do you weigh?
  10. How much do you want to weigh?
  11. Do you take good care of your skin?
  12. Do you take good care of your hair?
  13. Do you take good care of you, yourself?
  14. Do you spend genuine time with your family?
  15. Do you have nice things {material items}.
  16. Do you have money saved?
  17. Describe yourself in a few words:
  18. Last question! Did you enjoy the quiz!

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