How healthy are you?

Many people only have half the definition of what healthy is. Being a healthy person does not just revolve around your fitness level but also is made up of your social side and how confident you are.

Do you have all the requirements to being an all round healthy person? This short quiz will give you an accurate result at the end and will give you something to work on.

Created by: angela

  1. How many glasses of water do you drink per day?
  2. Out of the following which is the worst for you? (All in the same size)
  3. Should you often change your exercise routines?
  4. Are you joined in any sporting teams at the moment?
  5. Do you eat many fruit and vegetables?
  6. Have you ever smoked? Also, do you drink alcohol often?
  7. Do you enjoy spending time with your friends socially?
  8. How is your self esteem?
  9. Do you enjoy school/work
  10. How often do you shower?
  11. Do you enjoy exercise?
  12. Do you feel comfortable around people?
  13. How are your muscles?
  14. How do you and others describe your weight?
  15. Do you feel confident at the beach wearing your swimming costume?

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Quiz topic: How healthy am I?