Personal Regulatory Focus

Each person has a different tolerance for risk. Part of this is likely inherited, but a lot of it is likely dependent upon our life experiences and environmental factors.

In the world of organizational psychology, people who have a higher than typical tolerance for risk at work have a "promotion focus". The opposite are those with a "prevention focus." Which type are you?

Created by: phoebe

  1. I take chances at work to maximize my goals for advancement.
  2. I frequently think about how I can prevent failures in my life.
  3. I tend to take risks in order to achieve greater success.
  4. I do everything I can to avoid mistakes and prevent losses.
  5. A chance to grow is an important factor for me in my job.
  6. I focus my management attention on correcting and preventing mistakes at work.
  7. When there is an opportunity to participate in a high risk, high reward project, I am the first one to volunteer and take it on.
  8. Employment security is an important factor for me in my job.
  9. When driving, I tend to pass most other cars on the freeway.
  10. When playing board games or games of chance, I prefer to take big risks or place big bets in order to win it all.

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