Perpetual Eradicate

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A young girl, seventeen going on eighteen, Noah, has noting left when both her family and friends die from the arrival of zombies, AKA "Greens", on Earth.

With nothing to loose, she goes out in the city on her own, in search of suplies for survival. But will hearing screams and cries for help change how she is feels about it all?

Created by: LemonLime
  1. It's hard, loud steps thumped against the wooden floors as it lurked throughout the blood-spattered corridor. It deliberately approached the apartment room of which I stayed, in the corner, arms wrapped around my knees. A kitchen knife covered with blood lay beside me, just in case. It slid it's fingers on the door and gently pushed it open. I frooze.
  2. After a step or two, I gasped. It glared at me and observed my movement. It paced towards me, reaching out to grab dinner. My hand found it's way to the knife and wrapped firmly around the handle. Grasping my arm tightly, I jammed the sharp blade into the monster's cold, bitter heart. That's how you kill a green, right?
  3. I stood on both feet and walked to the door. I peeked my head out and looked into the long, dark hallway, flushed a rosy red. There was no trace of a green at the time, so I slowly strolled to the exit of the building, stepping over deceased bodies and bloody remains. In case you're wondering, a green is just another word for a zombie. Flesh-eater. Cannibal. Killer.
  4. I was soon outside, only to see that there were more greens. I turned back to open the door, but it was locked. There were so many, if I had tried to walk around, I'd have been at the other side by sunrise. If I had tried to go through the mob, I'd have been eaten alive. I was left with one choice - spend the night on the roof, and leave by morning. I reached in my pocket and pulled out a sparkler. I lit it and threw it on the other side of the greens.
  5. With them walking towards it, distracted, I climbed to the roof of the hotel. What was I to think about? I lost my family. I lost my friends. And with that, I was just a kid, so Ma would say. Seventeen going on eighteen, a whole life to live. Who was I to deserve this? Who was anyone to deserve anything like what this world has come to?
  6. I stood 40 feet above ground and watched over the city - what was left of it. Greens walked throughout the small-town roads, eating innocent people who just wanted a normal life, and dogs that once played in a little kid's back yard. Screams of pain and cries for help echoed through the streets just blocks away from where I stood.
  7. But if anyone thought the greens were bad, they must've not seen it all. Everyone locked themselves in a shelter, nailing wooden boards to windows and doors, keeping the lights off and the noise down, thinking it was going to be ok. Thinking it was safe. It was never safe. If they have'nt gotten you yet, they will soon.
  8. I lay down on the old, breaking shingles of the roof and stare at the beatiful skies. For a moment, I find myself lost in the shinning stars, knowing there was a place out there that was better then here, and there was hope. I smile and close my eyes.
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