Percy Jackson Love Story part 8

So recap: Jaime just told you one of the most personal things about her, and then you walk right out of your save haven and right into the clutches of evil! Good luck......

Will you get the guys of your dreams? Or will you remain just friends? Well, take the Percy Jackson Love Story quiz and find out for yourself! Good luck!

Created by: Calypso1315

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  1. "We meet again," the woman purred, "Jasmine King. Only this time, you won't be so lucky." She was wearing sunglasses and a tan trench coat. Her hair was dark brown and shoulder-length, her face tan colored, and on her feet she wore black, shiny, skin tight boots. To a normal, human, she might seem normal. But to you, a Demigod, she seemed to be radiating fear; it came off of her in rolls. You glanced at Jaime, who took a deep swallow, blinked once, and said, in the deadliest voice you had ever heard her use,"Stheno. How was Tartarus? Hope you liked it, cuz you're due for another visit!" Your head immediately snapped around to face Stheno. You couldn't believe one of the three gorgons was in front of you.....
  2. Suddenly, the woman in the trench coat disappeared; in her place was a snarling monster, with white eyes that seemed endless. She no longer had feet, or even legs. In their place was a long, snakelike tail which was thicker then both yours and Jaime's waists combined. She had dark green hair, that looked like hundreds of little worms quirking around on her head; instead of two small, tan hands, there were two, thick, green claws, about the size of dinner plates, with black nails that were about four inches. She opened her fanged mouth and screeched. She slithered faster then lightning towards Camellia and Jaime, but they already had out their weapons. While Stheno's back was turned, you tugged on Agápe, and the sword sprang out. You quietly snuck up behind the Gorgon and jumped on her back!
  3. Stheno immediately abandoned Jaime and Camellia, and tried to reach behind herself and knock you off; however, her arms weren't very long. " the..way," you struggled to get out, as you clung for (literally) dear life to Stheno, "I always thought Medusa was the most hideous in your family." Stheno, apparently taking great offense in that, shrieked and let out a blood curdling screech. She turned so fast you went flying from her back and flew through the air. You heard your name be shouted out into the night. But it didn't sound like Jaime or Camellia. It sounded...male. You had to touch ground sometime, and when you did, you collided with someone. You both groaned in pain.
  4. "Vi! Violet! Are you okay?!" Another person came rushing towards you and grabbed your hand to pull you up. You could barely open your eyes, and you thought you had a concussion. Your eyes were like slits, that's how much they were open, and you could barely make out the face of Devin. "Devin?" you heard yourself say in a slightly slurred voice, "Is that you?" He grinned a little and said "Yes, it's me. But are you okay?" "Of course she's not!" yelled another indignant voice from behind. You turned, slowly, your senses still jarred from your flight, and saw Dominic, propped up on his elbows, rubbing his forehead. His eyes were closed, but when they opened, they found your face immediately. "Vi....." he moaned. You escaped from Devin's grasp and managed to crawl over to Dominic. "Did I hurt you?" you asked, in the most worried tone you could muster. He grinned and laughed croakily. 
  5. "No, you just caught me by surprise," he said and you grinned. You slapped your own face slightly, which made your eyes widen slightly, and stood up. You reached for Dominic's hand, but he looked like he'd rather lay there on the ground. You sighed and rolled your eyes ("Fine! Then just lay there!") which were getting wider and more alert as you started to regain your strength. "VI! LITTLE HELP HERE?!" you heard Jaime bellow. You face palmed. You had forgotten, surprisingly, that one of the Gorgons was twenty feet from you, battling your friends. You tapped Devin on the shoulder. "I hope you're up for a fight," you said, as you grabbed his wrist and pulled him into battle with Stheno, grabbing Agápe off the ground as you passed it.
  6. Stheno, you noted mentally, was a very strong fighter; but she wasn't very bright. "Yoo-hoo! Stheno? Over here stupid!" called Devin mockingly, waving his hands above his head, and dancing around. She growled, which was a bone rattling, chilling sound, and charged at him, but just as she passed you, you thrust your sword into her left side; you remembered reading that blood from her left side was deadly; blood from the right could cure anything. So you plunged your sword into her left side, then into her right, making deep, fatal wounds. Stheno started to bleed heavily and fast. You, disgustingly enough, wiped your hand in the blood from her left, despite cries of "Violet! No!" You spread the blood on her face. Sure enough, the blood was deadly enough, and started to burn Stheno, who, unfortunately for her, wasn't smart enough to just take blood from her right. Before you, you watched Stheno disintegrate like a leaf in the fire. You looked at Jaime and Camellia warily, and threw Devin a look of thanks. Dominic, who had just regained his strength, came running over to you with a look of panic upon his face. "Violet! Your hand!" he screeched and pulled it up to eye level.
  7. You fainted then and there at the sight of your burnt, nearly shriveled hand. Not only that, but you were extremely tired from fighting Stheno. There were cuts and bruises all over you. You hoped no one asked questions; since Stheno could reach you, you were obviously out of bounds of the Camp, and that would get you a hefty punishment. It was just not your night, huh? You remembered a feeling of being lifted up, and being carried around. You heard panicked voices. You saw a familiar looking door, and the scared voices yelling for some people named Ros....and couldn't remember much more. Other than people speaking things like, "Will she be okay?" "Oh my gods what happened!" and "VI! Can she hear me?" "No, Percy. She can't. She's in a coma, but it's not too bad. She should regain in a couple hours." "Couple hours?" you asked groggily, " Try a couple minutes." You heard about ten people sigh at the same time. "Vi!" "You're awake!" You fully opened your eyes. Your eyelids blinked vigorously,like a butterfly trapped in an intricately woven spider web. You saw quite a few people standing sound you; Devin, Dominic, Jaime, Camellia, Rose, Percy, Luke, Selena, and Grover. You tried your best to smile at all of them; they all (even Jaime) beamed back at you, with relief covering all of their faces.
  8. "Hey Vi-Vi. Howya doing?" asked Jaime in a hoarse, yet still sarcastic, voice. You smiled at her and said "I've never felt this good in my life!" Everyone laughed. "Well, we sure are glad you're okay," said Devin nervously, "We were sure what happened, but when we remembered the whole thing about Stheno's blood, we got you straight here..." "Wait a second, wait a hot second!" (@Moonshoespotter: LOL) You turned your head slowly to the left to look at Percy. "You fought...STHENO?! One of the three GORGONS?!" he all but screamed. "Uh, yeah," you said slowly. Percy looked at you in a mix of fear, concern, and......something else you couldn't quite place.......Suddenly, behind Percy, outside the door, a thin, dark, figure came into view. You scrunched your eyes trying to get a better look at who-or what, you really didn't know with this camp- it was. When they-you had finally decided- stepped into the building and into the light, everyone gasped at the face they saw under the black hood. You stared at the figure with a mix of severe anger and suprise.
  9. "You shouldn't have left camp, Violet"
  10. DONT HATE ME! I know I'm a tease, but here's a sneak peak; You stared up into his blue eyes to see that he was staring back at you. You both smiled. It was slightly awkward, but you didn't care. You didn't think you had ever felt this happy in your entire life; well, not sin you were a little, care-free kid, before you knew your mom was a goddess, before everything. "Vi?  Are you okay? You look like something is wrong," he asked in a concerned voice. You looked up at him, and said, almost defiantly, "No. I'm fine, everything is perfect." 

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