Percy Jackson Love Story part 21

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Well, what will happen when you tell Percy and Grover a dark secret from your past? And what will happen when you fall down....for a meeting with Kronos himself?

Will you get the guy of you dreams? Or will you remain just friends? Well, take the Percy Jackson Love Story quiz and find out for yourself! Good luck!

Created by: Calypso1315

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  1. Hey, guys....pleasedon'tkillmeh. Well, again, hi, and thanks for reading! Now, let's get on with the story. It's been a while since I've been at this part of the story. Minor thingy, I'll be switching to "˜I, me, my' mode. "˜You, your,' is getting annoying. ALSO; AS OF TUESDAY, MARCH 19TH, 2013, I, CALYPSO1315, HAVE BEEN ON GOTOQUIZ FOR A YEAR! Yay! Anyway, ON WITH LE STOREH.
  2. When Percy, Grover, and I reached the diner again, we found Ares waiting for us outside. He was smirking his scarred face off, leaning against his gigantic motorcycle. "So I see you lived," he said, standing up straight. Percy sneered at the god. "Here's your stupid shield," he said, throwing it at Ares. The minute it touch Ares' hand, it shrunk into a bulletproof vest. He folded up the vest and turned to me. "Good job out there, Wilde. You made me proud," he said with grudging respect. I nodded. I knew how Percy was feeling- anger, hate, the extreme wanting to start a fight. I was just better at keeping it in. "Here's another thank you for your...efforts," said Ares, holding out another bag. The one on my back felt heavy enough. I was planning on telling Percy exactly what was inside the second Ares left. "We don't want your stupid-" Percy began, but Grover cut him off by saying, "Thank you, Lord Ares," and handing the bag to me. I tossed it over my shoulder, along with the other one. Ares smirked again. "And your ride, as I promised," he said, pointing to an eighteen wheeler with the words "˜Kindness International' printed on the side. "You've got to be kidding," Percy said. Ares shrugged. "Take it or leave it, punk." Percy just glared.
  3. Ares went to get back on his motorcycle, but Percy wouldn't let him. "Wait, you owe me one more thing," he said, "The information about my mom. Spill it." Ares smirked. "Think you can handle this? She's not dead." Percy's eyes widened. "But she's-" "˜No, she's not dead. She's being held prisoner. Study war sometime, punk." With that, Ares started up the motorcycle, which roared thunderously, and road away. "I can't believe that guy..." Percy fumed. I opened my mouth to speak, when I saw two guys with Kindness International t-shirts leaving the diner. "Uh...guys," I said, "If we're taking Ares' ride, we'd better hurry." Percy and Grover turned, seeing the two guys. Then we all ran for the truck thrusting open the back and jumping inside. Once inside, I was instantly hit with the smell of dirt. It was overpowering, so much that my eyes began to water. "Oh, gods," I said, fanning the air around my nose. Around us, there were three cages. One held an albino lion, so thin I could count his ribs. Another held an antelope with a balloon stuck in its horns. The last one held a zebra, which was about as thin as the lion and had gum stuck in its mane. The lion's and antelopes food dishes seemed to be switched. Grover was shaking with fury.
  4. "They call this KINDNESS!?" I figured he would've run back outside and punched those truckers senseless, but we had to keep quiet. Anyway, at that moment, the truck started up, bumping up and down. So, I dug out my sword and started cutting the balloon out of the antelope's horns, talking to it soothingly so it wouldn't freak out. Percy switched the food dishes of the lion and antelope. I wanted to cut the gum out of the zebra's mane...but with the truck moving like this, I wasn't willing to take a risk. So instead, I joined Percy and Grover who had taken their places on the floor in the corner of the truck. We sat in silence for a while, just thinking. For me, I was thinking about the bag at my side, knowing that I should probably tell Percy and Grover what was inside. I was just opening my mouth, but Percy beat me to it.
  5. "Violet," he said, grabbing my wrist, "I know this seems kind of personal, but it's been tugging at the back of my brain for a while... Could you... do you...?" Percy trailed off uncertainly, while still holding my wrist, staring at the scars on my arm. I hadn't payed any attention to those scars in a while. They brought back horrible memories. "You want to know about the scars, don't you?" I asked quietly. I felt Grover sit up on my other side as Percy nodded, embarrassed. " dad never really got over Aphrodite, you know?" I stated, and he nodded, "But when I was five years old, he remarried. The woman's name was Charlotte. She was tall, blond, pretty, and nice. She was everything I wanted in a mother. She was so incredibly nice to me, and, honestly, I think that, while my dad and she were dating, she liked me more than she ever liked my dad....which makes what she did even more disgusting."
  6. "What did she do?" Grover asked, placing a hand on my arm in suspense and concern. I smile at him, and he smiles back. "Well, once she married my dad, she was...a little different. She stopped playing with me so often...and then she started cutting me. Every day, while my dad was at work, she would take me into the bathroom....and abuse me." Tears were streaming down my face; I could see the images in my head, images I'd been trying to get rid of for the past two years. Percy was clutching my hand, and from what I could see of his face in the little light the truck offered, I could see he looked like he was regretting asking me what the scars were. "She would get a knife from the kitchen and just cut me...she would scream horrible things at me, blame me for things that had gone wrong in her life, things that happened before I was even born. She called me a demon, sent straight from the pits of Hell to torment her for her whole life, and if she didn't control me, I'd control her. I wondered why she did that to me, why she said those things, but I later found out that my dad had told her about my mom, and Charlotte pretended to be okay with it to my dad's face...but she tormented me for five years."
  7. I stopped for breath now, since I was trying so hard to finish the story. I hadn't talked about it at all- not to my dad, not to myself, not even to the shrink my dad had paid to come over and talk to me every Tuesday since my dad found out about Charlotte cutting me. I pulled myself together, wiping tears from my cheeks, and continued on. "One day, she was in the middle know...when my dad came home early. He found us in the bathroom and looked shocked for a moment. Charlotte stared at him and tried to make up and excuse, but he told her to spare him the self-serving lies and the sob story and to get the hell away from me and get out of his house. She tried to stab me, but he grabbed her by the arms and threw her out of the apartment. She screamed at him that I was I devil child, and that he should throw me out instead of her, that I would bring him nothing but pain and suffering, all because of who my mother was. He told her to get out of his face, to never come back."
  8. That's when I broke down, full on sobbing. Heartbroken, devastated sobs, the pain of being abused as I had being newly unearthed. I put my head in my hands and cried, feeling Percy and Grover rub my back, trying to console me... "Gods, Violet," said Percy, sounding horrified, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to...make you cry, or make you feel bad...I'm so sorry..." "No, Percy, it's okay. You don't have to apologize. I needed to talk about it...I haven't since it stopped two years ago..." Percy's eyes widened. "How long was she abusing you?" I thought for a minute. " started when I was five, and ended two years ago when I was ten...So five years." "And you never told your dad anything?" Grover asked. I nodded. "She told me that if I told him anything, or showed him the scars, she'd kill me." "Why didn't he just see the marks anyway?" asked Percy.
  9. "She made me wear long sleeve shirts all the time. She never let me wear anything that would reveal the marks she'd left on me. Thankfully, most of the scars have faded..." I ran my hand up and down my arms, feeling the tiny bumps where the scars lay... "But I have a feeling that these will stay here will me until the end of time....Just to remind me that I can't trust everyone." Percy sighed. "Well, Violet, you know you can trust us. Grover and I....we'll never let you down. We'll always be here for you..." Percy may have been talking to me in theory, but I thought he was talking to himself more than me, seeming to make a note-to-self in his mind. I smiled at him, making him blush a little.
  10. I threw my arms around his neck and hugged him, so grateful it was hard to believe. "Percy, I'm so glad to have a friend like you....It's people like you that keep me going. Thank you, Percy...You're a great friend," I said, squeezing the boy so hard, I'm surprised he was still breathing. "Yeah...I'm a good friend..." he said quietly, putting a little, sad emphasis on the word "˜friend'. I pretended not to notice. I let go of Percy and sat back, feeling good about the fact that I had finally talked about something horrible in my life. I turned to Grover and hugged him too, just so he wouldn't feel left out. "Thanks for coming on the quest, Grover. I think you're the only sane one," I whispered into his ear, so Percy wouldn't hear. He chuckled. "No, no, Violet. I can be crazy when I wanna be. Don't you underestimate me," he threatened playfully.
  11. "Yeah," chimed in Percy, "You should see him after he's had some coffee. He goes absolutely BALLISTIC." Percy and Grover laughed, so loud I thought that the drivers might be able to hear us, but their laughter was contagious, so I had no choice but to join them. After a moment, we stop, and I feel the darkness settle over me again. I realize I should tell them about the bolt now... "Percy, Grover," I say, making both of their heads swivel towards me, "I have something to tell you about one of the bags Ares gave us back at the diner. Percy and Grover's eyes narrow, creases forming on both of their foreheads. I open my mouth to speak, but then suddenly gasp.....
  12. I'm falling down, down, down. I know this place...I've been here a dream. My scream is ripped away by the wind, just like before. Then, I'm standing in front of the pit, while the voices of the dead urge me to get away from the edge. I cry out when I realize I'm back Tartarus. Luke is nowhere in sight, but the evil presence in the pit still is. Random spurts of fire and yells from the tortured souls below ring out from the pit every so often, but I remain untouched. "Violet Wilde, Daughter of Aphrodite," says Kronos, his voice booming in my ears, "Well, I see you were a witness to Luke Castellan's pledge of service to me last night, weren't you?" His voice makes me want to crawl the walls, but I can't move. My limbs are like jelly, and I know that it's the effects of his power- Kronos, the Titan Lord of Time. That's why I felt this way. "What's it to you?" I asked, suddenly feeling nostalgic, as I uttered the same thing Luke had before he was taken over.
  13. Kronos laughed. "That's what the Son of Hermes said. Well, Daughter of Aphrodite, I can't have you spilling my secrets, my closely guarded plans, to the Son of Poseidon and the satyr. So, Violet, I have two options for you." "First, you can tell the Son of Poseidon, that silly Percy Jackson, and the satyr, Grover Underwood, everything about what you saw and heard. You can alert the camp and give them a little warning. But, I will kill the Son of Hermes, Luke Castellan, and....also, your father." I stared in horror at the pit, my scream stuck in my throat, along with tears fighting their way out. "I have many minions, Daughter of Aphrodite, and I can have them attack your father and kill him. He can see through the Mist, am I correct?" Kronos sees the look on my face and chuckles, knowing he is right.
  14. "Well, then, he'll be able to see exactly what horrors are out for his stupid, mortal blood. As for the Son of Hermes, he loves you so. I can see that somewhere inside of you, you love him, too. It's a silly thing, love....But then again, you are a Daughter of Aphrodite...nevertheless; I'll kill Luke Castellan as well. And maybe, if I can get to you, I'll kill you, too." "What....what's the other option?" I croak, shutting my eyes tight. "Become just like Luke Castellan. Serve me, be my spy at Camp Half-Blood, give me information about their plans. If you do this, I will also not take you over, like I did the boy. Oh, no, all your decisions will be quite conscious." So Luke was indeed brainwashed. But that didn't help me now. I opened my eyes, letting two tears slide down my left cheek.
  15. "I...I..." "˜Think, Violet,' I thought, "˜Would you rather do the right thing and get Luke and dad killed? Not to mention yourself? Or would you rather help this guy start a war, where even more people will die? I could give him false information! No....if he found out, he'd kill me, Luke, and dad....Well, I can't let them die...I'll figure something out. He said I'd be conscious. I can still work against him!' "I'll....I'll be your spy," I said finally, resigned. Kronos laughed. "That's what I thought, Daughter of Aphrodite. Here, I will give you some sort of...identification, so that if you run into any of my other servants, they will be obligated to help you," Kronos boomed. Suddenly, a necklace appeared around my neck. It was silver and indestructible looking. The charm at the end was a silver scythe. The symbol of Kronos. "Well, I feel better now, Daughter of Aphrodite. Now, be gone. Go back to your quest..."
  16. Well, it's been a very eventful year! And as one year ends, I look forward to a new one beginning! I can't believe I've been here for a year....I'M ANCIENT. Well, please, comment and rate, and check out the new and revised version of PJLS on wattpad. My username is xBeautifulMistake!! I LOVE YOU, CUPCAKES.

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