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  • CAL, Happy GTQ birthday!!! ^.^ I can't believe it's only your first, to me, it feels like you've been here the whole time :o I guess I just got accostomed to seeing your name XD

    I'm soooo glad that the story is back, and this was so good, but sad - stupid, pretty, abusive stepmom >:( What if she came back randomly as a servant of Kronos or something and we had to help her o.e that'd be such a dramatic author move; don't do it to us! XD I can't believe I realized immediately when I friend-zoned Percy XP poor guy.

    adsfio KRONOS, you puffed up, power-hungry GAH. I will SMITE you when the time is right XD Time... ahaha.... XD I'm weird ^.^ We chose the right decision though, don't outright tell Kronos. Thank the gods that he's an egotistical little (okay, big) fungus that feeds off of other people and gets them to do his work for him, thinking that he's so awesome that he's manipulated all his little pawns into place. Guess who won't be a pawn *points* this girl right here! Violet Wilde is the daughter of a goddess, no way will she be reduced to a little toerag for a manipulative beast! HUMPH! Never underestimate the power of love :') ah, I crack myself up XD

    I agree with the lovely HL, your writing style breaks the ceiling of awesomeness XD I can't wait for my classes to end this week, so I can get some reading time and peruse "If Looks Could Kill"! I mean, come on, teachers, I don't want to write another paper on the importance of the Bill of Rights, OBVIOUSLY, reading works from my favorite fellow GTQ writers is MUCH more important... if only the teachers would listen... tsk, tsk, tsk... Part 22! :D

  • This was great, Cal- you're writing style has somehow just tripled in amazingness, haha. The background story for Violet is so sad, and I love that you gave it to us though. Seriously, perfect word choice and way with the characters- it was so exciting to read and see you posting again. The characters and plot have developed so much, and you've improved from an already perfect writing style- I was so happy to hear you posted again!

  • @HogwartsLove *HUGS* I missed you, girl! Thanks for reading and commenting, it really means a lot! I'm so glad you like it. Nothing like a comment from HL to brighten my day!!!


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