Percy Jackson Love Story- Darren Grove


Darren Grove is the object of our attention today!! We don't know much about him, but it's time to find out how he REALLY feels about you!! Good luck, my friends!!

Created by: Calypso1315

  1. Hello!!!! I'm making this special, if you haven't already noticed, on Darren Grove. We really don't know that much about him, so that's why. The song for this is found --> /watch?v=0P2c-Wrq8dM. I hate her, but the songs perfect for this so...yeah....ENJOY!!!
  2. It's as simple as this. I'm stuck between pure hate and genuine love when it comes to Violet Wilde, Daughter of Aphrodite.
  3. She quite literally captured my heart with a single glance. But I'm still deciding wether I want it back, or if I should tell her to keep it. I feel bad, you see. Tris has been going on and on about her since she got here almost two months ago. He's in love with her, in short. And I didn't want anything else then to have her name never be spoken again, but now....when I heard her name before, I almost groaned, but now, I have to shield my face in a pillow so Tristan doesnt see me beaming. She was like that annoying song that you put on repeat in the hopes of finding out you like it anyway. Whenever I saw her around camp after I met her...well, she never actually looked at me, but my eyes were glued to her. It's like she was a magnet to my attention. Sometimes, I would be looking at her without realizing it. She was so beautiful. I also learned that she was friendly, nice, sociable, a really kick-ass fighter, and also smart enough to give Athena kids a run for their money. And I hated her for it.
  4. She radiates beauty and light all over the place. Sometimes, I have to fight the urge to go over and tell her how I feel- how I feel for her feels like an anvil on my chest. I can't look Tristan in the eye anymore. And it's her fault!! She has to be so amazing....Believe me, I know how childish that makes me sound, but it's not my fault I love her, and it sure as Hell isn't Tristan's. I can't be with her. I don't deserve to be with her. She deserves a good guy, like Tristan. A big, smart, strong guy like Tristan who can love her unconditionally. Sometimes, so I don't go over to her and confess love for her, I tell myself that I don't want to even be near her. But it never works, so I tie my shoelaces together.
  5. So here I sit in my bunk, listening to the steady beat of rain on the roof of the cabin, having a mental pity party. I was wishing I never heard Violet's name again. I was going to backhand the next person who spoke of her. I didn't dare trust myself to go outside...where she was walking around with her long, graceful legs, laughing her high, tinkling, bell-like laugh, a radiant smile spread across her ravishing face.....I just didn't trust myself, okay?!? I was under control, breathing deep, staying calm, when the door bursts open and Tristan strides inside, shaking his head, rain drops flying away from his blonde hair unlike my own darker hair. He sees me sitting on my bunk, but somehow misses the painful look on my face that I know is there. He smiles hugely at me and my heart breaks considering the huge secret I hide from him..
  6. "Oh my Hephaestus, Darren! You should've seen her at the sword fighting arena," He starts, beating his hood, "She was slashing away at those suckers, no mercy!! It was awesome!! Vio-" "NO!!! NO, PLEASE, I BEG OF YOU, DO NOT SAY THAT NAME!!!!!" I bellowed, sitting straight up, my mind immediately filling with images...Violet smiling....Violet talking....Violet kicking someone's butt in CTF...Violet....Just Violet...Tristan stares at me incredulously. "Ren, whats up with you!? You been acting really weird for a while and it's creeping me out! What's going on!?" "VIOLET!! It's Violet, man! It's HER!! I can't stop thinking about her!!!" Tristan's eyes widen. "And why exactly can you not stop thinking about her?" He asks in a dangerous voice. I know Tristan is very territorial about the people he loves, and in Violet's case, I really need to tread lightly. "I don't know. But I think" Tristan's eyes widen in disbelief. I gasp, realizing what I've just admitted. " didn't mean..." I start, walking slowly towards him. "Save it, Darren! Just save it! I don't want to hear it!" "But Tristan, it's not my fault, I-" Tristan, a look of rage upon his face, then screams, "NOT YOUR FAULT?!? HOW THE HELL IS IT NOT YOUR FAULT!?!? DON'T YOU DARE GO BLAMING VIOLET FOR BEING HERSELF." "But it isn't-" I start again but never finish. Tristan punches me in the face and runs out the door, into the pouring rain.
  7. I stand there, just staring at the door, rooted to the spot. My hands aren't cupping my jaw, they're hanging loosely at my side, wanting to strangle my own neck, to kill me for my stupidity. I can't believe I just told him...I can't believe I just told him...I CAN'T BELIEVE I JUST TOLD HIM! I mean, how stupid can I GET!?!? The boy, my own brother, is in love with Violet. He has been ever since she came to camp. And then, I just randomly decide that I love her too. And then, in an act of extreme idiocy, I told my brother how I feel about this amazing girl. And he took it better then I thought he would, if I'm telling the truth here. Well...I wish I could explain it, but words seem to be failing me right now...I can't seem too express how this feels. My brother now hates me for accidentely falling in love with a girl that even the smartest man alive would be considered an idiot for not loving. But maybe some things are better left indescribable to get a better feel for it. (Me: That quote was by the very lovable @natuhleegayle, who apparently never fails to find the perfect words to say every time!)
  8. I'm torn between going after him, going to Violet, and just staying here. But as I'm still trying to decide, Tristan bursts back inside. His eyes are filled with fear and tears. The drama of the moments before completely forgotten, I ask, my voice shaking violently, "Tristan, what's wrong?" His voice breaks as he tries to speak. "She...she's....g-g-g....." He bursts into full out sobbing, and I walk towards him, wrapping him in a tight hug. "I can't understand you, Tris." His head snaps up. "SHE'S GONE!" He wails and runs back outside.
  9. I'm glad he left. I would die even more if he saw me sink to my knees and groan as if someone's just punched me in the gut. I feel like I'm falling....the world does a back-flip and goes black as my head collides with the floor.
  10. Well, thanks for reading, and make sure to comment and rate!! Like Darren, words are failing me, but I got some pretty good stuff down the road so please forgive me!! Feel free to email me at calypso1315@gmail(.)com, no parentheses. Thanks AGAIN to @natuhleegayle and @HogwartsLove (AND @ALLYCAT!!) And if anybody sees my friend @Jaime, tell her to email me cuz I miss talking to her!! Well, that'll be all, so I hope you liked it and...uh..BYE!!

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