Passions Trivia Season #7

Welcome to the town of Harmony, a quaint but not too quiet town of New England! Where magic and the supernatural work together to create, passion, humour, romance, and disater for the beloved residents of this little town.

Harmony has ever seen, who just so happen to rule the entire town! The Bennetts, the Lopez-Fitzgeralds, and the Russells. And of course Harmony's 300 year old witch Tabitha and her daughter Endora!

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  1. Who almost strangled Katherine Crane while sleepwalking?
  2. Who was charged with poisoning Liz, and was charged with three counts of attempted murder?
  3. Who kidnapped baby Jane?
  4. Who is Beth's father?!
  5. Where was Fancy first seen?
  6. Which Harmony family did "Ned" belong to?
  7. Who leaves town heartbroken?
  8. Who causes the massive earthquake in Harmony?
  9. What was the name of the little boy that Sheridan met in the park?
  10. How did Jessica's first john die?
  11. What other natural disaster occurs during the earthquake?
  12. What saves Katherine's life during the earthquake?
  13. What did the sign say that Edna was holding while surfing out of Harmony?
  14. Who raped Theresa?
  15. What does Simone reveal to her mother?
  16. Who does a heartbroken Fox fall in love with, and where do they make love for the first time?
  17. Who decided to become a nun?
  18. What is Chris' son "Mark"'s real name?
  19. What reason did Chris give Sheridan for his odd behaviour?
  20. Who married Alistair Crane?
  21. Who confessed to poisoning the punch but pointed the finger at Liz, setting Eve free?
  22. Who smuggled drugs from Mexico to the U.S.?
  23. What big announcement did Alistair make to his entire family?
  24. Who poisoned the guacamole?
  25. Who does the mystery woman with red nails turn out to be?
  26. Which couple was zapped into a fairytale?
  27. Who kidnapped a comatose Ethan?
  28. Who escapes from the mental asylum?
  29. What does Theresa say she'll do in a prayer to God at the Christmas Midnight Mass?
  30. What happened to Edna & Norma?

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