Paranormal Love (part 42)

Hi guys! Welcome to part 42 of my Paranormal Love series! This is the second to last part of my series. I really hope you guys like this part! Guess what? I finished my report yesterday... that was also when I was going to post this part but I left the house and didn't come back until late... oops. :P

I'd reccomend taking part 41 again, but here's something for those who are too lazy to click a few things: Recap: The guys have made up and everyone is getting along fine. In fact, Jace has been staying at the mansion quite a bit. Also, Anthony proposed to Allissa- she said yes! :) So, later that night you fall asleep and begin to dream....

Created by: Firey_Soul
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  1. You find yourself in a dimly lit, creepy looking place. At first you don't know where you are, but then the metal, bloodstained walls and cement floor gives it away- you are in that place where Heidi died. It is eerily silent, the type of silence that falls right before something bad happens. It's even worse because you don't know what will happen or when.
  2. You nearly jump out of your skin when someone appears in front of you. It's Heidi. She looks different now. Her curly brown hair that was really shiny and pretty when she was alive now looks dull and lifeless. Her bright blue eyes are now a pale gray, with just a hint of a ghostly blue. Her skin is the color of paper, and almost translucent. She smiles evily. "Thought you got rid of me, ______?" she asks. Surprised and a bit freaked out you respond; "Yes... you're supposed to be dead!" "Do I look dead to you?" Heidi asks, slightly annoyed. "Well, yeah. As a matter of fact, you do." you say. Heidi raises an eyebrow. "Could a dead person do this?" she says and grabs your wrist. All of a sudden your wrist feels like it's on fire, and that a million needles are going into it. "Ouch!" you exclaim and yank your wrist back. There's a red mark all around it. "What was that for???" you ask. Heidi rolls her eyes. "Like I need to answer that." she says. "Anyway, _____. We have some unfinished business to take care of."
  3. "What are you talking about?" you ask. Heidi doesn't answer, instead she just pulls out a sword quicker than you ever thought possible. She narrows her eyes. "It's over," she says and aims the sword for your heart. It's happening so quickly, and yet everything seems to be in slow motion. You try to get out of the way, but you can't move. Just when the sword was less than an inch away from you, someone pushes you out of the way.
  4. When the person pushes you, you lose your balance and fall. You prepare yourself for the pain you are about to feel when you hit the cement, but the pain never comes. Instead, you fall in a soft patch of grass. In fact, the entire setting has changed. You're in a grassy field and Heidi is nowhere to be seen. There's a lovely red and orange sunset in the sky. You look above you to see who your hero is... it's none other than [____]. You smile at him. "Thanks for saving me." you say. "Anytime." he replies. All of a sudden you blush, because you realize he's on top of you. [_____] smiles mischiviously, pins your wrists down, and kisses you passionately. Who is it?
  5. Suddenly, your eyes fly open and you are greeted by the familiar surroundings of your room. You sit up and stretch. "Damn it, it was just a dream." you mumble to yourself. That was the best ending to a dream ever. There's a million things you love about [_____]... and a few things that make him a bit better than the rest of the guys. The dream is still fresh in your mind, as well as your favorite memories involving that guy. You are hit with a sudden realization. "Oh god..." you think. "I'm in love with him."
  6. ***TIME FORWARD*** It's in the afternoon and you are hanging out with Allissa in her room. You are sitting on her purple fuzzy beanbag while she's lying on the floor on her stomach. Allissa is attempting to draw a cute cartoon guy with a fanny pack. You look down at her notebook. "That doesn't look like a fanny pack, Allissa." you say. Allissa laughs. "Shut up, I'm trying!" she replies. "Well, aside from critisizing my crappy fanny pack drawings, how's life been for you." Allissa asks. "Pretty good." you say. "In fact, I've realized something." Allissa looks up from her drawing. "What's that?" she asks. "That I love [_____]." you reply. Allissa grins. "Ha! I f---ing knew it!" she says. "Yeah, yeah. No need to rub it in." you say. "Well _____, in my honest opinion, you two would make an adorable couple. He's like the perfect guy for you." Allissa replies. You smile. "You really think so?" you ask. "I do." Allissa answers.
  7. "So what should I do?" you ask. "I think he likes you, so just tell him and he'll be all yours." Allissa says. "But what if he doesn't like me?" you ask. "That's a bunch of bull, _____. We both perfectly well know that he likes you. And if he doesn't, I give you permission to kiss Anthony." Allissa says. You're eyes widen. "Allissa!" you exclaim, "Are you really THAT sure???" "When I bet anything that involves Anthony, I'm 1000% sure." Allissa says. "So go get 'em, girl."
  8. You take a deep breath. "Alright." you say. "I'll do it."
  9. *dun dun dun* So that's it for the story on this part. I've typed up a paragraph for each guy. I tried to put them in the results, but they were too long so I'm going to post them on the actual quiz. I'm not going to make up a seperate quiz for each guy, because one paragraph per quiz would be a waste of quizzes. I know this looks really unporfessional, please forgive me! D: At this point, you're going to have to pick ONE guy. I know they're all awesome, but pick the one you love the most. Go with your gut feeling if you like more than one guy. With as tempting as it is to read all the paragraphs, only read the paragraph for YOUR guy. Click submit. Then if you want to, you may read the rest. So tell me, deep, deep, down... who do you really like the most?
  10. ***Chris*** You stand on your balcony, looking up at the stars in the gorgeous night sky. The stars sparkle in a way that reminds you of Chris’ eyes. You smile at the thought of Chris. “Beautiful night, isn’t it?” a male voice says. You turn around to see Chris with his jet black hair shadowing his face and his beautiful eyes putting the stars to shame. He seems even hotter to you now that you’ve admitted to yourself (and Allissa) that you like him. All you can manage to do is nod, your heart fluttering from nervousness. Chris stands next to you and gazes at the stars. It’s silent for a few moments before you finally work up the guts to say “Chris, can I ask you something?” Chris turns to you. “Sure.” He says. You take a deep breath. “Do you still love me?” you ask. “Yes…” Chris replies. His expression is hard to read. You give a small smile although you are screaming with joy on the inside. “I have a confession.” You say. Chris’ expression now looks uneasy. “What is it?” he asks. “I love you.” You reply. A huge grin spreads across Chris’ face. He picks you up in his arms and hugs you tightly. “You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for you to say that!” he says. You smile back. “Be mine?” he asks. “Yes!!!” you reply, kissing his neck.
  11. ***Bryan*** You decide to confess your love for Bryan outside, under the stars. You have him standing across from you, looking at you with those angelic brown eyes, waiting for you to say something. Your stomach is full of butterflies. “Bryan,” you manage to say. “I gotta be completely honest here…” Bryan tells you with his eyes to continue. “I think I like you.” You say. Bryan’s eyes widen, but only for a second. “Well, ____. I know I like you.” He replies with flirtyness around the edges of his voice. “So will you be my girl?” he asks. “Of course!” you say smiling. Bryan hugs you tightly. You love the way his muscular arms feel around you and the smell of his sexy cologne. “Finally.” He whispers, kissing your cheek softly.
  12. ***Ethan*** You’re in your room daydreaming about Ethan. The thought of his blue eyes and bright personality makes you smile. All of a sudden, your door opens, pulling you back to reality. “Wow, Ethan! Great timing, I was just thinking about you.” You say. Ethan smirks. “Oh really?” he asks. “Well, actually I have something to tell you.” You say. “Alright.” Ethan says “Oh God… did I really just say that?” you think. “Well… I guess there’s no backing down now.” You take a deep breath and look at Ethan. Your confession slips out as: “I…uh… kinda got a thing for you.” Ethan raises an eyebrow and then smiles. “Well, ____. If it makes you feel any better, I REALLY got a thing for you.” He replies. You smile. “Actually, it does.” You reply. “So, uhh…” Ethan begins, “You wanna maybe… be, y’know….” Ethan’s voice trails off. “Okay, screw this cutesy crap, wanna be my girlfriend?” he asks. You laugh. “I’d love to.” You say getting up and hugging him. His smile is bright.
  13. ***Nick*** You look all around the mansion for Nick. Finally you find him outside, leaning against the mansion listening to his i-pod. He doesn’t see you because his eyes are closed. You make your presence known by sitting down next to him. He opens his exotic violet eyes and fixes them on you. “What song are you listening to?” you ask. Nick smiles. “The way you are by Bruno Mars. It reminds me of you.” He says. You blush a deep red. “Really?” you ask. Nick nods. “Nick, can I tell you something honestly?” you ask. Nick pauses his i-pod and takes out the earbuds. “Okay.” He says. “You know, all the other guys can be little drama queens sometimes.” You say. Nick smirks. “Tell me about it.” He replies. “But here you are all chill and drama free,” you say. “And that’s why you’re my favorite.” Nick raises an eyebrow. “Your favorite, huh?” he asks. “In other words, I like you… that way.” You say. Nick grins. “Well, _____. I like you that way too.” He says. “So whatdaya say, wanna be mine?” he asks. “I’d love to.” You reply smiling.
  14. ***Jace*** It’s been 3 days since Jace has last stayed at the mansion. You were psyched that he decided to visit today. You had something important to tell him after all. In the evening, you and Jace were chilling outside, sitting in the grass and watching the sun set. It was a beautiful sight, but Jace was an even better one. Who knew demons could be so incredibly gorgeous? “Jace,” you say. “Yes?” he replies. “I never thought something like this would happen.” You say. “I know,” Jace agrees. “But I’m sure glad it did.” Jace is giving eye contact now. “It’s so crazy, I mean… when I first heard about you, I thought you were this horrible monster. But now, I know the truth.” You say. “And I also know that I’ve fallen for you.” Jace looks surprised, but in a good way. “Did I hear you correctly?” he asks, hardly believing what you just said. You nod. He smiles. “You know, ____. They always say ‘never fall for anyone unless they’re willing to catch you.’” Before you can react, Jace kisses you on the lips. When he pulls back, he says “And in this case, I’ll gladly catch you. Be mine?” All you can do is nod. You feel like you have died and gone to heaven.
  15. Almost there, click submit and don't forget to leave me a comment. I love comments! :D I hope you all like the results I've written, cuz those took a lot of time and effort. There's just one part left. *sob* :'( It may take me a while, I want it to be really good... plus I need to be inspired so I guess it will happen when it happens.

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