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  • 2.7K
    How prepared are you for the Zombie Invasion?
    rated: 3.21/5Promoted 11 years ago | taken 2.7K times | 5 comments

    We all know that a full scale zombie invasion is not only probable, but imminent. But how prepared are you? Will you cower like a frightened child or …

  • 23.4K
    What music genre best describes you?
    rated: 3.15/5Promoted 11 years ago | taken 23.4K times | 16 comments

    There are many different genres of music people listen to, the main ones being Pop, Rock, Alternative, and Hip/Hop. They all have different habits in …

  • 35.8K
    what is your soulmates name
    rated: 2.87/5Promoted 11 years ago | taken 35.8K times | 24 comments

    if you dont like this quiz GO AWAY i hardly doubt any of you read this unless you have amde a quiz so wow im bored hopefully you like this quiz it …

  • 48.3K
    What US city should you live in?
    rated: 3/5Promoted 11 years ago | taken 48.3K times | 30 comments

    okay, please be happy with the city your gonna live in. they were mostly all huge cities so sorry if you wanted a small town. i made as many choices …

  • 16.4K
    Which Animal Are You?
    rated: 3.23/5Promoted 11 years ago | taken 16.4K times | 13 comments

    There are many different animals in the world, and they all have their own characteristics and traits. Every animal is different. Every human is …

  • 56.7K
    What Is Your Love's Name?
    rated: 2.86/5Promoted 11 years ago | taken 56.7K times | 35 comments

    There many people who wonder who they are gonna fall for. This quiz might give you an idea of who that might be! Your true love is someone that will …

  • 77.6K
    The Palm Reading Quiz
    rated: 3.31/5Promoted 11 years ago | taken 77.6K times | 30 comments

    Palmistry originated in India, and later moved on to China, Greece, Egypt. And now, it is a world-wide thing. Your hands can tell alot about you. They …

  • 6.5K
    What Kind Of Person Do You Truely Love?
    rated: 3.15/5Promoted 11 years ago | taken 6.5K times | 8 comments

    Many people think that they know who they are in love with but really they don't. They think that just by the way someone looks they really know who …

  • 9.8K
    What will you be when you grow up
    rated: 2.25/5Promoted 11 years ago | taken 9.8K times | 10 comments

    have you ever wondered what you could be when you grow up...i know i how would you finally like to find out what you will be because this is …

  • 1.9K
    Which Harry Potter Character Are You?
    rated: 4.58/5Promoted 11 years ago | taken 1.9K times | 9 comments

    Enter a world of magic, friendship, courage, and Quidditch. Are you brave and loyal like Harry? Jokey and fun like Ron? Book-smart and clever, like …