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  • 5.7K
    What type of person are you really??????
    rated: 2.72/5Promoted 11 years ago | taken 5.7K times | 9 comments

    So what do you think you really are? Are you this or are you that find out now and learn and maybe if you don't like your results you can change it …

  • 622
    Which Clarinetist are you?
    rated: 3.56/5Promoted 11 years ago | taken 622 times

    There are a lot of great clarinetists active in music today, and they owe a debt to clarinetists and composers of the past. I have chosen just a few …

  • 3.3K
    Whats your dream date like?
    rated: 3.37/5Promoted 11 years ago | taken 3.3K times | 5 comments

    bjh hdksa jhask jhda l hasl hasjdh kaiawj jaka halfh lalaskwi h lah h h kjskfhl hj j jhala is ajdjj j asswhole jj jj f---nh hell j jflfdsldll !!!.. …

  • 16.1K
    The ULTIMATE Stupid Test!
    rated: 3.38/5Promoted 11 years ago | taken 16.1K times | 54 comments

    Have you been told that you are agenius? If you have - or even if you haven't - try the ULTIMATE stupid test to see just how clever you really are. …

  • 16.6K
    How Preppy are You?
    rated: 2.91/5Promoted 11 years ago | taken 16.6K times | 19 comments

    There are many preppy people, but few are true preps. What is a prep? A prep is someone who dresses trendily and spreads school pep all around! Is …

  • 7.7K
    Who Are You In Avatar The Last Airbender
    rated: 3.41/5Promoted 11 years ago | taken 7.7K times | 15 comments

    Which Avatar The Last Airbender Character Are You. In a few questions you will know. So hurry up and start the quiz. What Are You Wating For. …

  • 1.8K
    Which Jonas Brother are you?
    rated: 2.94/5Promoted 11 years ago | taken 1.8K times | 4 comments

    Which Jonas Brother are You?Which Jonas Brother are You?Which Jonas Brother are You?Which Jonas Brother are You?Which Jonas Brother are You?Which …

  • 8.4K
    How (Actually) Stupid are You?
    rated: 2.82/5Promoted 11 years ago | taken 8.4K times | 15 comments

    There may be some smarty-pants out there, and you may be one of them...... or not, because there are a lot of not stupid people out there! Take this …

  • 5.5K
    What kind of car are you?
    rated: 3.05/5Promoted 11 years ago | taken 5.5K times | 6 comments

    Have you ever heard about something like your pet resembling you? Well, we were thinking what your car says about you. But we reversed it, what kind …

  • 678
    Miniclip Club Penguin Forums User Agreement Quiz
    rated: 2.87/5Promoted 11 years ago | taken 678 times | 4 comments

    Take this quiz to see if you really deserve to be on the MCCP forums! A MCCP Master is a true member of the Miniclip Club Penguin Forums. Have you …