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  • 3.6K
    What Magical Weapon Will Choose You?
    rated: 4.5/5Promoted 7 months ago | taken 3.6K times | 11 comments

    Imagine that you are a warrior in a universe different then our own. You have lived an ordinary life; or as ordinary a life as one can life in a land …

  • 1.8K
    How well do you know ZaiLetsPlay?
    rated: 3.89/5Promoted 7 months ago | taken 1.8K times | 2 comments

    Hey guy's i'm katriona, so this quiz is about ZaiLetsPlay (ZaiLetsSLAAAYYY!) Be especially sure to follow the rules that ban sexual, hateful, violent, …

  • 5.6K
    Can You Pass This Adult Test?
    rated: 3.01/5Promoted 7 months ago | taken 5.6K times | 1 comment

    The adult test, will you pass it? Anyone over the age of 18 should pass easily. Those over 30 should have no trouble scoring 90% or better. However, …

  • 3.7K
    What is your spirit animal?
    rated: 4.08/5Promoted 7 months ago | taken 3.7K times | 5 comments

    Do you know what your spirit animal is? If you do not play here to find out what it is!!! It is easy and fun, all you have to do is answer the …

  • 1.1K
    Which character from Fazilet Hanim are you?
    rated: 2.9/5Promoted 7 months ago | taken 1.1K times

    Have you been watching Fazilet Hanim ve Kizlari? Have you become an ardent fan? Have you become insane yet or not? Has all the drama messed up your …

  • 2.3K
    Which fnaf 6 character r u (Buyable)
    rated: 3.44/5Promoted 7 months ago | taken 2.3K times

    Welcome to fazbear incoorperaton we admire fantasy and you must decide which mascot would be more like YOU! have your fun with this awesome test of …

  • 694
    Favored Function Assessment
    rated: 3.15/5Promoted 8 months ago | taken 694 times

    Hello! Welcome to the Favored Function Assessment (FFA). This quiz is meant to see which of the Jungian functions (Sensing, Intuition, Feeling, …

  • 3.4K
    Are you cute or attractive
    rated: 3.44/5Promoted 8 months ago | taken 3.4K times | 8 comments

    I am trying to show how cute you are but you really should not are about anybody opinions but yours because only your opinion matters not no quiz …

  • 2.1K
    Your Future Job
    rated: 3.9/5Promoted 8 months ago | taken 2.1K times | 6 comments

    "Hello! Welcome to the job quiz! This quiz is help you to find your future job. But, sorry! This quiz is only have 5 jobs, I hope you like it, so, …

  • 1.8K
    How cool are you?
    rated: 3.42/5Promoted 8 months ago | taken 1.8K times

    Disclaimer:This is not made to make fun of people who have no friends,people who are geeks,people who wear different clothes or stuff like that.This …