One Thousand Dreams Part 2

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Leik yeah. So leik this is leik part 2 to meh quiz story. SO leik yah. SO leik I hope you leik, leik it and stuff. Leik yeah. So leik if you leik it, plz tell meh. No one leik reads this, so leik bye.

Leik yeah. So leik this is leik part 2 to meh quiz story. SO leik I hope you leik, leik it. SO leik yah. SO leik I hope you leik, leik it and stuff. Leik yeah. So leik if you leik it, plz tell meh. No one leik reads this, so leik bye.

Created by: Skyler Potter

  1. I dont exactly remember waking up. All I know is I am laying here, in the dark, cold, hospital room. The bed is hard and uncomfortable. I turn onto my side, relieving some of the back pain. My mom is sleeping in the chair by my bed, and I suddenly feel an odd love for her. "I have never loved her like this before." I think to myself. "The dream..." I grunt and roll onto my back. Why do I keep having this stupid dream? Im just me...Then I realize there is something wrong. Well, more than one thing. There are no tubes in me, no pain, no bandages, nothing. "Why am I here?" I wished that I could just leave. Go back to school. School sucks. Why would I want to go back to that crap-hole? Although I was trying to resist the urge to sleep, I drifted back off...
  2. The rising sun awoke me again, along with my mom talking to the docotr. "Hi, sweetie." Jeez. She was acting like I was in a coma or something. Relentlessly, I replied, "Why am I here?" I rubbed my adjusting eyes. My mom glanced quickly at the doctor. After she was given an approving nod, she continued. "The thing is sweetie, they arent exactly sure what is wrong with you. All I know is you fell down the stairs, and when I came to see what the ruckus was about, I saw your arm bent completely backwards. You had also banged your head on the wall...and then..." My mom couldnt seem to bear it. She looked away while tears streaked down her pale face. The doctor continued, "She saw your head and arm completely heal." I stared at him in disbelief. No way. That couldnt be. My mom probably has some wierd disorder where she sees stuff or something like that. What were they going to do with me? Send me to an institute? Send me to get tested for radioactivity? Who knew what lay ahead.
  3. "Dont talk to me." It wasnt exactly the phrase I was trying to say, but it worked. I turned forward, my arms crossed. My mom was sobbing while the doctor comforted her. Whatever. No. Not whatever. I couldnt help it. "What are you going to do to me?" My voice came out shakey and bumpy, as the tears welled up in my eyes. They yearned to come out. "Jeannete-" I cut off the doctor. "Dont." I began. "Dont ever call me that. My name is Astrid, not Jeannete." "Alright, then, fine. Astrid. We were thinking about taking you to a specialist. Someone who specializes in radioactivity, superpowers, things like that." I turned back towards them. "Do you think im some sort of freak show? Im not going there. Im going to leave the hospital today with this...whatever it is. Superpower, specialty...whatever. Im leaving."
  4. I got up out of the bed, with my butt hanging out of the stupid hospital gown. Embarrasing. I pretended as if I werent embarrased, and slipped on my clothes behind the curtain. "Astrid, sweetie. They are only trying to help." I fixed my Avenged Sevenfold t-shirt and purple jeans with grey vans. "So? I just want to go home. I dont want to be helped." "We'll come visit you later." My mom said to the doctor. "NO!" I yelled. "Were leaving. Right now." My mom marched after me into the parking lot. "That wasnt very nice young lady." My mom said. I didnt reply. Slipping my hands into my pockets, I felt something cold and was a pocket-knife. Perfect. I flicked it open and made a long cut on my arm. "Astrid!!" My mom ran towards me. People were staring, but I didnt care. There was no pain. No hurt. I watched the cut seal up, leaving no scars or maladies. I guess it was true, I'm just another monster. An outcast. A radio-active project.
  5. I started crying. After that, I didnt care what was going on. In fact, I dont really remember what happened. Its all rather fuzzy, actually, but somehow I ended up back in the hospital. Im pretty sure I threw a fit or something, and the doctors had to drag me back in. Now, my worst fear is happening. There are tubes inside of me, everywhere. They are taking tests, giving me shots...except I dont really know exactly what they are doing. All I know is I havent said a word, im so pissed.
  6. "Come on, sweetie. Like I said earlier, they are only trying to help." I so badly wanted to reply rudely to my mom, "What do I need help with? Quit calling me sweetie, my name is Astrid. Why did you even name me Jeannete? It sounds like an old persons name." I wanted to say it so bad, but I resisted, arms at my side. I couldnt leave if I wanted to. Stupid fricken dang tubes stuck in my arms. Sleeping wasnt an option either, because every five seconds the docters would come examine my eyes, or another part of me. This would only disrupt my sleeping time. Plus, the lights were on, and the doctors wouldn't stop blabbing on and on about nothing. "Any more tests, doctor?" said a blonde haired nurse. She flipped her hair back, almost flirtatiously. "No, that will be all." They began to mumble quietly over their clipboards, faced the opposite direction. I rolled my eyes.
  7. After the doctors were gone, my mom didnt even bother talking to me. She knew I wouldnt respond. All she did was sit in that chair, staring straight at me. Why didnt she just leave? Go back home with dad and my brother? I rolled back onto my side, making the bed creak and crack. The tubes made it rather awkward to lay on your side, but I didnt care. I was so weary and tired that I just kind of...fell asleep.
  8. Flashback time...XD
  9. Believe me, I use to have friends. When I was in kindergarden, I was the most popular girl in class. Everyone loved me. Until...something happened. I changed. I turned into a punk rock girl with colored streaks in my hair, and then people isolated me. It just became who I was. At first, I definately minded it. Of course I wanted friends. But then, it became nice to be alone. There was no one to impress, and no one to look up to. I was just being me. And that became the way it was...
  10. When I woke up that morning, I felt a calm feeling inside. All was well. My mom was gone, probably getting breakfast. I just laid there, listening to the sound of my hearbeat. Until I realized something was terribly wrong. I didnt have the dream last night.
  11. Well, thats it! Sorry it took so long for it to come out, I was having a little bit of writers block. Make sure to rate, comment, and share! Also I love feedback, so give meh some! I tried to input the feedback from last time. If you are nice about the feedback, I will use it. If not, I WONT. XD

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