One Direction Love Story part:9

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Hey man I was wondering if you want me to be in the UK so much for your chance to get the most important part of the Horse Racing and the Broncos are going to school tomorrow

Created by: Princess Giggles

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  1. You looked around but there was no door. The door gets knocked on even harder which made you flinch. You held a good grip on Joe's arm. You looked at him in the eyes and he smiled. "Where's the knock coming from?" You asked. He shrugged signaling that he didn't know. You immediately felt your face turn white in fear. "Joe, i wanna wake up!" You said sternly. Joe nodded and disappeared. You felt someone shaking you and your eyes fluttered open. Joe was shaking you. You smiled at him and Harry walked in between you and Joe. You grabbed Harry's hand and pulled him into the hallway. "Harry, i think we should have more time to see other people. We just met like A week ago." You said regrettably. Harry looked hurt but he agreed. You gave him a hug and walked in with him. Everyone already knew thanks to Cierra. She talked about it cause she read my mind. 'I hate people who read my mind, no offence to Harry, though. ' you thought. Harry smirked at you the laughed at Cierra who was on the bed mad at you for what you said in your head.
  2. "How do you block people out if you don't want them to hear your thoughts? " you ask." You think of a wall. " Zayn said. Liam asked if you wanted to try- which you agreed. "Think of something. Other than a wall."Zayn said. Louis nodded to Cierra to read your mind. You thought of how pretty your wings would look like. "She's thinking of her wings! " Cierra said in a sarcastic tone. "Think of the wall and of something eles. " Liam said. You nodded and thought of Joe's wings. Of how long white and how beautiful they were. You also thought of the wall and Cierra said she can't read your mind.
  3. Now that you knew how to block people out,you thought of a wall and Harry and how sorry you were. The only person you didn't block, was Harry. 'Harry,i wish i didn't break up with you. Joe told me that you would only hurt me' you thought. 'Joe always makes a girl break up with me if he likes her.' Harry said in your mind.
  4. You gave Harry a concerned look and he laughed. Siena looked at you and said in your head'You forgot to block me out.' She gave you a smirk but you stuck out your tongue at her and Harry looked at you guys confused
  5. You looked around your room and got out of bed. You stepped in your closet and you looked at what to wear. In the closet was a box that you never noticed before. You opened the box. Siena walked in and she sat and pulled you down."I wanna see if im your sis." She said.You really want to know cause she's been your bff since fifth grade.
  6. She pulled out a little knife and she slit her arm and out came a little bit of neon pink sparkly blood. She smiled at you. "Do you know what this means?" she asked. you shruged your shoulders then nodded."do you know how cool this is? I'm your sister!" She said. You squealed and gave her a hug. You opened up the box, and saw something so beautiful.
  7. "Do you like them? I chose them myself." Siena asked. "What are they? " you asked. She said that they are your wings. She put a spell on them and they stuck on your back. They started to flutter and they made Joe's look like crap. You flew out of your closet, and everyone looked at Siena mad. You told them you insisted on that she cut so you could see if she was your sister. They bought it
  8. You smiled at Harry so you could see Joe angry. Of course, it worked. He got really pissed and left the room. Again, you blocked everyone out except Harry.'That was funny did you see his face?' 'Yeah, and probably later on he's gonna yell at us' Harry smiled at you. Everyone looked at you guys, but you and Harry laughed at their faces
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