One Direction- part 1

Your name is Chloe Hewitt, your mom is Daphney Hewitt and she's Mariah Carey's PA. You are all going to Victoria's secret show 2013 over the summerand a twist of fate puts you close to the One Direction boyband.

So have fun, I think you're really going to like it. I'll only make part 2 if you guys comment and I need ideas please. I hate this one hundred and fifty character thing. Yay, I have more than enough words. Enjoy the story!

Created by: XxVaviviciousxX
  1. My head buzzed as the plane landed. I squeezed my mom's hand as excitement bubbled up inside me. I can't believe she'd finally let me come along to one of her annual trips to Victoria's secret show.
  2. Since she was Mariah Carey's PA, she went everywhere almost weekly, leaving me with dad and our housekeeper Sammie. But thanks to dad's business business trip and Sammie's uncle's funeral, she had no choice but to take me along.
  3. When when we got off the plan, mom ran off to the bathrooms. Mariah came of with her butler holding her many bags and her other butler holding Nick Cannon's luggage. Closly behind her followed Nick and three bodygaurds, already fending off fans and fanatics. "Chloe, darling, where's Daphney?" Mariah asked.
  4. "Bathroom." I replied. Don't get me wrong, I loved Mariah a lot but sometimes she was a bit too bubbly. My mom came back, hugging me. "Are you excited?" she asked, pecking me on the forehead. "A bit too much." I admitted. Mariah, mom and Nick laughed. Mom and Mariah started chatting about something random and Nick and Barney (the tall butler) were deep in converstation as we got into the sleek black limo.
  5. As we neared a gorgeous, luxurious hotel, Mariah's phone rang and she gave it to my mom to pick up. I heard my mom murmer "ohs" and "mhmms" and then she hung up. "Oh, Chloí«, bad news." My mother said. Mariah and I exchanged glances. "What's the matter?" Mariah asked. "The hotel room which was suposed to be Chloe's was already booked before we booked it."
  6. "To who?!?" Mariah, Nick and I screamed in chorus. "Zain Malik, you know that One Direction member?" My mom said. My heart sped a bit faster. "They're VIPs at the show too?" I asked hoarsely. "Yeah, all the VIPs are at this hotel." Mariah replied. "You could share a room with me since there aren't anymore rooms available." Mom offred.
  7. Mariah laughed, "No way, Daphney, she's sixteen, she needs her privacy." "You could get me a hotel room elsewhere." I suggested. "NO!" Mariah and mom said simultaneously. "Then let her ask Zain to share a room." Nick suggested. "No way!" I said at the same time as mom and Mariah said, "Great idea!"
  8. "Speaking of the devil, there he is in the parking lot." Nick said. Before I could say anything, Mariah and mom were over there, blabbing away to Zain Malik, the irish-english member of thd hottest boyband, One Direction. I made my way towards them while Nick and the chauffer seeked for a parking spot.
  9. "Pleas, Zain, her name's Chloe, she's neat and tidy, doesn't snore isn't nosy, isn't loud, follows rules easy..." My mom said. "Yeah, I get it." Zain says with a chuckle. "Mom, it's fine, I'll share a room with you if he's not comfortable with it." I say. Zain turns his attention to me an smiles a bit, seeming dazed. "You didn't say she was hot." He says.
  10. "Hey! I know what you're thinking." Mom says with a smirk whilst I blush. Okay, I know that I'm not that bad looking. I have black-blue hair in a pixie cut, creamy skin and bright blue eyes. I'm kind of tall, my body is okay with a tiny waist biggish bust and rearend. "Is that a yes?" Mariah asks. "No, it's a definitly." Zain says.

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