One Direction Love Story part:6

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Created by: Princess Giggles
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  1. Harry ran to your closet quietly and you spread all if your perfume all over your bed so you wont be able to smell Harry sent. You run to the closet and you make a signal to Harry to keep quiet. He nods and you cant hear him at all. You hear your dad on his way up to your room and you grab your phone and headphones and put on any random song so yur dad thinks you're sleeping. You run to your bed and get under all if your blankets. The song starts to play and its Better Together by Fifth Harmony. The door opens as you look like you're aleep. Your dad walks over to you and takes off your headphones and kisses your forehead then leaves while shutting the door. Harry comes out of the closet and hugs you and you feel sleepy and the thing is, Siena just sends you a text saying I'll come at noon tomorrow. " Would you like to meet her? She's not a fan so she won't care." I said. Harry nods yes.
  2. "I'm sleepy. I'll sleep in your closet. It's comfy" Harry said. "No,I'll put some blankets on the floor and I'll sleep there. " you said locking the door.
  3. You put the blanket on the floor and get under it. Harry pulls you up and you smile. You feel Harry smile, too. ' I told you to stay away from Harry! You're being stupid! Harry will only hurt you! " a voice said in your dream" Really? " yoh said" That's enough time with Harry! Never will i leave your dreams until you leave Harold! " the voice said. " You're just a dream! You don't even exist! Besides, i don't even know you !" You said "Very well, im Joe. And remember what i told you!" Joe said.
  4. Your eyes fluttered open like a butterflies wings and you check your phone and its 11 and your dad left you a text that he's at work and wont be back till 12 am. You turn to Harry and he's sleeping. You change into a pink Long sleeve shirt and white skinny jeans. You put Harry's clothes on the night stand. *Ding Dong* Siena is here yay! " Omg long time no see! " Siena said. " Yeah, i got some news" i said" My boyfriend is Harry Styles from One Direction!" I squealed. She looked happy for me." Prove it. " she said. "HARRY TIME TO GET UP!" You yelled.
  5. Harry ran down the stairs. "Harry, this is Siena.Siena this is Harry. " you said Harry put his hand out to shake Siena's hand. " Well Siena lets bake some cupcakes. Harry you can do what ever you want, just dont kill us, burn the house down, or make a mess. Never mind. Go watch a movie." you said. " Anything new?" You ask. " Yeah, Bella found out about the adoption. " Siena said ( Bella is Siena's little sister from China. ) "Sad. Did we ever know anyone named Joe? " you ask. You see Siena stop to think" Yeah, he was your crush in fifth grade. He was in seventh. He had reddish orangrish hair,freckles, and brown eyes. Speaking of Joe,he goes to school with me. Have you enrolled in school yet?" Siena asked" Yeah, i start in two weeks. " you said.
  6. You think back to fifth grade and you see a really cute seventh grader." What school? " she asked you think " Black Bell High. " you said." Omg! You're gonna love it there cause i go there." She said excitedly.' I love livng in England. Like my dad promised ' you thought.
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  10. Shout out to Siena my bff and your most loved" friend" bon ( more like boyfriend) jk Siena you'll like what happens in part 8 :)

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