One Direction Love Story part 11

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Created by: Princess Giggles

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  1. You went to your room, and fell asleep. Joe came into your dreams. You waved at him "Hi!"you said cheerfully. "Hey Love!" He said. He sat down "How was Modern Family? " you asked. "Its alright. Its were Hailey brought Dylan to her house and Phil shot him with a beebee gun then shot himself." Joe said. You heard footsteps. "Hi guys! Did i interrupt your make out session? " a girl asked. You turned around and saw Siena.
  2. "Uh first of all, We werent making out. Second of all hi. And third of all, is this one of your powers?" You asked. She nodded."Why didnt you tell me? " you asked."I dunno. " she said. You squealed. "This is AWESOME!" You said.
  3. "I'll leave you two." Joe said getting up. "No,peez stay with us." You begged like a five year old."Can i fall asleep in a dream?" You asked. "Yeah,but we'd have to wake you in this dream,then wake you in real life. "Siena said. "Cool!" You said weirdly. Siena smiled and Joe nodded." Do you remember when me and you were in eight grade and we gave Joe the name of Joespie? " you asked Siena. "Yes, i do remember. And for sixth grade science fair, you were too chicken to look at his display. Bon even told Joe that you liked him."Siena said. You laughed "I wanted to rip and tear his head apart. But then again, i didn't. At least Joe got to know me."you said. "I wanted to push you into him. I always wondered why Michael (joes lil bro) didn't like us. I wonder if he still doesn't to this day."Siena said. You turned to Joe. "How is Michael, anyway?"you asked. "I dunno. He's a type of merman. Plus,he's probably doing something crazy and stupid right now. "Joe said.
  4. The three of you laugh at what he said. "My butt hurt from not sitting in a chair." You complain. Suddenly, a bean bag pops up under your bum. "This feels good. "You mumbled. You feel shaken and once again, your eyes fluttered open. You see Zayn standing beside you. "G'day! " you said. "Wanna spend the day with me since the guys are a tad bit busy today? If that's okay with you, of course. "He said. You were confused. "Sure! Besides, i haven't spent much time with you. Now that i think of it,i haven't spent much time with any other guy other than Joe and Harry." You said. "True. You owe us big time. " he said. "Whatever" you mumbled."Now,out of my room so i can change and shower. "You said. He stood up,and left. "Casual or fancy? " you asked as he left. "Umm, casual. "He said. You nodded and got in the shower. You remember that you need to wash your wings. You clean them, and you can see they're shinier and sparkly er than before. You finish taking a shower, and decide to go on wearing some dark "ripped" jeans, a black t-shirt that says" I didn't trip,i was just testing gravity" and black convers. You braid your hair till it looks like how Foxface had her hair in the interview in the Hunger Games. You see.Zayn sitting on the sofa scrolling through his phone. "Ahem" you said." You ready?" He asked. You nod your head yes, and head out the door making sure you lock the door.
  5. "What are we gonna do? " you ask. Zayn shrugs. "How bout that one carnival. Roler Coasters. PopPopcorn. Candy. Yeah,that's where we're going. "Zayn said making up his mind. You feel sleepy but you don't wanna go to sleep. You put your head against the window, but you see Zayn checking you out. Before you thought of anything, you blocked everyone out of your thoughts. 'I like Zayn,but,i don't even know him too well. I don't even know his favorite food' "What's your favorite food?" You ask knowing the answer is chicken.
  6. "Chicken. " he said simply. "I like you." You blurt out. Zayn blushes. He looks at you and says "Really? " you nod your head. "We're here!" Zayn chimed. You unbuckle your seatbelt. As soon as you're about to open the door,Zayn opens it for you. You pull out your phone and start to take really weird pictures of  you and Zayn. Then, you get a call. Its from Siena."HELLO!" she yelled. "Ow, hi?" You said more of a question. "Turn around. " she said. You turned, and there stood Siena and Cierra. "Guys, i spend too much tim with you guys, and not enough with the guys. Take Zayn for example. Im gonna hang out with him today. Sorry, but not today." You said feeling sad cause you just put down your two bffs. They nod, and walk away.
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  9. I'm really sorry it took meh so long to make part eleven. I got school and stuff. Im the talkative one in the class so ya. Takes meh a long time. Plus, i told off my dad. So much drama in my life. My school's basketball team didnt make it to finals.
  10. Hope u enjoy

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