One Direction Love Story part 10

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Created by: Princess Giggles

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  1. "Weirdos. " Siena said. You shot her a death glare "What?" She asked. You shrugged and went into the kitchen and looked at the time, it was 3 am. "Can they really keep me up THIS late?" You asked yourself. You stare into space."Actually, we can keep you up this late and later." An Irish accent says" Dont suck me dry! " You beg. Niall laughed at you "Pu-leez. I would never EVER do that. Mainly cause youre my sister." He said."What do you mean? "" I mean you're my sister. Im Siena's brother,and so that makes me your brother. And you see that birthmark on your hip, one of the guys has the same exact one,which you have to get married to." He said pointing to your heart shaped Mark on your hip. You think for a bit 'Could it be Harry?' You ask yourself. 'No it cant be him. Don't ask how i got into your head. 'Zayn said. "ZAYN MALIK GET OUT OF MY HEAD! !!" You yell playfully.
  2. 'You forgot to block us out retard' Siena said in your head. 'I am stupid.' You said 'No youre not.' They all said in your head. You hugged Niall for no reason. "Why did you hugging me?" Niall asked. "I dunno. " you said
  3. He playfully pushed you off." What? I cant hug my brother? " you ask Niall. "No,i just couldn't breathe. " he said obviously lying. You smiled and left to go watch the telly in your "dad's" room. Siena followed you. You guys ended up watching Community. "So... you and Ni are my siblings? " You ask. She nodded yes. "What? You dont like us?" She asked "No, its that my bff is my sister, and my favorite member from One Direction, is my brother, and one of his mates i have to marry. "You said."Yeah, Joe told me in a dream that i was from royal blood. I thought i was a descended from Queen Elizabeth or someone. I had never seen my blood, until i silt myself in your closet." She said. You looked at her in awe.
  4. The guys came to the room you and Siena were in."What?" You snapped at them cause you wanted to spend some time with your sister. "Oh nothing. "Harry said all cheeky. 'Sure nothing.' You thought. Siena elbowed you for not blocking anyone out. 'Styles, if you ever do that again, i will strangle you till your little head explodes. No kidding. Keep that in mind. If you screw with Cierra or Siena, i will chop off your di**. Got it?' You thought purposely not blocking anyone. He blocked everyone out, except you. Then he asked 'Were you kidding? Plus, we're technically still dating and you said we need a break not that we're breaking up.' 'Joe where are you when i need you?' You asked blocking everyone out,except Harry and Joe. Joe walked right on in. He took your hand and flashed a smirk at Harr.
  5. "What did you need, love?" He asked. "Can we go somewhere other than here? " you asked. He nodded. You got your phone and left. "Do you wanna eat? " he asked. "Yeah. Anyways, do you have a heart shaped birth mark? " you asked."I dunno, why? " He asked."Cause Ni said if one of the guys have one,i have to marry him. "You said shyly. He smiled and said " If i had that mark, i would be the happiest person in the universe. " you felt your cheeks burning which ment you were blushing. "Nah, some other girl would be blessed to have you. Although, i did have a crush on you back in 7th." You said. Now it was his turn to blush. 'I really hope its him' you thought making sure you blocked every single person.
  6. He shook his head and moved his beautiful orange red hair. You looked at the window. You looked at him on the reflection of the window. He was looking at you,but yoy didn't mind. He was really really cute. Hot even. You got a buzz on your phone but you didnt see who it was. I Would started to play on your phone" Hello?" Your dad asked "Yeah, what do you want ?" You said snarky" Dont talk to me like that, young lady. "" You lied to me! You said my mom died in a car accident! She's alive and so is my real dad. I know what you've been hiding thanks to you taking your pathetic job here in London. You promised i would love it here. I do love it here. I know Siena is my sister, Niall Horan from One Direction is my brother, whoever has the same birth mark as i do,i have to marry him, my best guy friend is an angel and that im a pixie! Thank you so much, and good luck trying to forget this all happened. So go fu** off, get drunk for the first time in 45 years! " you yelled then hung up the phone. You started to cry. "Its okay, dony cry. We all love you. And you know it. "Joe said.
  7. "Yeah right." You said."Yeah,i am right." He said.You smiled. "I missed that smile. " he said. Your eye lids felt heavy and soon you were asleep. "I can even spend time with you here,too" you said to Joe coming your way. "Thats the thing. In person we're with everyone,in your dreams its just me and you. "He said."This doesn't make any sense! Niall is a vamp and Siena and i are pixies. And mo s t of the guys, if not all,are werewolves.You with your angelic wings.Doesn't make sense! At all" you said.
  8. "I know,i know. But you start to get used to it. We are better that people. See, i know for a fact that the guys are your brothers. I have a small chance of being the one you have to marry. I want to be that guy. " he said. You were shocked at his words. "I'm sorry. I should go now."he said nervously scratching the back of his neck. "No,stay wih me please." You asked he sat down next to you he was so kind,so gentle, so caring and so loving. Any girl would be extremely lucky to have him.
  9. "You really think so ?" He asked. He must've heard your tthoughts. "Yeah, any girl would be lucky to have you or any of the guys. I mean Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Liam Payne and Niall Horan. Not as in" look its One Direction! Im gonna go make out with them" of course i cant have Ni since he's my brother. Speakingof brothers,where's Isaiah,anyway?" You asked. He shrugged. Wow these guys dont know nothing" Yeah we do!" Joe said playfully. "I wanna wake up,Joe. Can you wake me peez?" You asked. He disintegrated and woke you up."You slept a long time. "Harry said. Harry? You realized that you were at your house.
  10. They were already watching the telly. "What are you guys watching? " Joe asked. "Modern Family. "Cierra said simply. "Well im gonna go to sleep. See you in the morning. Oh! Make yourselves at home. But no killing no flying no turning into vamps or werewolves cause i dont wanna pick up fur no reading peoples minds uhh no super powers. Got it? Just be a group of normal teens. Im stil trying to get used to london. "You said sloppily.
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