One Direction love story part8

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Created by: Princess Giggles
  1. You wake up in your bed sleeping. Siena was allover the place. She stopped once you were up and awake. She came over to you and said" I broke up with Bon cause i never even liked him to begin with." You smiled" I know you never liked him." You said.
  2. You looked around the room and saw Harry on the chair by your right and Joe on your left. You closed your eyes and fell asleep." Didn't i say to stay away from Styles? You must listen! You've already met me in real life! Leave Harry he'll only bring you pain!"Joe said in your head"What if i tell him we need some time to see other? How's that? Is that what you want? Huh?"you said. You see Joe walking up to you and kneels beside you. He just sits there. Kinda creeping you out.
  3. You wake up. "Finally she's awake! Can i tell her now?" Harry said to Zayn. Zayn nods his head yes. Harry looks at you and says"Alex, there's something we never told you about us even your brother. Well he's not your brother but still, " you give Harry a confused look. He sighs. "Alex, you're a princess and well Isaiah isn't your brother"Zayn said. "What do you mean?" You ask. Niall turns to you and his lovely blue eyes turn blood red while his perfect teeth turn to long fangs
  4. You scream but Liam covers your mouth." Shhh!" Louis shushes you. You look to see that Niall's eyes went back to normal and his teeth, too. "It's true. Cierra and i were sent to protect you by your mom, the Queen and your dad, King of Maribella." Siena said. I want to die! You thought" Why do you want to die? You've got all the friends in the world." Harry asked. You pinched yourself to wake yourself up, but there was no use. Harry sighed and walked over to you. You flinched. " We all have Special powers. 3 at the most. " Zayn said. "I found out one of Harry's, mind reading. "You spat.
  5. Cierra ran over to you and pulled you out of the bed into the hallway. "Mine are the power of persuasion, im telepathic and and i can read people's minds." Cierra said.
  6. You just stare at her. Zayn said he was a werewolf and that he cabn read minds and that he's not sure if he has a third power. Harry came out and hugged you he said he was a werewolf and he could hear other peoples thoughts and that he has the power of time Stop or foward time. Liam comes out and he says he's a werewolf and is telepathic and likeZayn, he's not sure if he has a third power. Niall comes out and says that he's a vamp. You were lucky Liam stayed with you so Niall wouldn't have sucked you dry.Siena said she would tell you her ppowers some other time
  7. Then came Joe. He said he was an angel but you didn't believe him until he showed you his wings. They were beautifu! He said he could dream leap (go into other peoples dreams) and that he has the power of persuasion. You went back inside the room and you sat down." So what powers do i have?" You ask. They all said they didn't know at all
  8. You guys talked for a bit and you guys decided to watch the telly. You ended up watching Sponge Bob. You fell asleep and just as you were expecting, Joe appeared. "So i talked to your mom and dad,they know your powers but the only thing i can tell you is,that you're a pixie. Cierra or Siena could be your sister. Your blood is a sparkling neon pink. Siena or Cierra has the same color blood." Joe said. You see a knife by your side and you cut your arm with just a tiny slit. What Joe said, is true.
  9. You heard a knock on the door.
  10. CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!
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  12. Shout out to angelsinger19 u rock n i hope u enjoy le break

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