Once Upon a Time Episode Quiz

This quiz is for the ones who are bold enough to say that they know EVERYTHING there is to know about Once Upon a Time. I'm here to put that to the test!

You will find out how much of an expert you REALLY are with a few questions and a lot of brain power to remember all the way back to Season One! Oh no!

Created by: MagicKaty1

  1. In "Pilot", what is the name of the guy Emma is on a "date" with?
  2. In "A Curious Thing", what does Snow do to save Charming?
  3. In "The Heart is a Lonely Hunter", what does Grahm say when Regina opens the door?
  4. In "Bleeding Through", what is the name of the gardener who pretends to be a prince and impregnates Cora?
  5. In "Pilot", what does Henry say in response to Emma comment, "Kid, you've got problems."?
  6. In "And Straight on Till Morning", what does Bae find on Hook's desk?
  7. In "The Cricket Game", what are Mary Margaret and David doing when Emma and Henry return home to make tacos?
  8. In "What Happened to Frederick", what does Kathryn do to Mary Margaret when she confronts her about her affair with David?
  9. In "There's No Place Like Home", where does Rumple and Belle's wedding take place?
  10. In "Snow Drifts", what is the remark Emma makes to Hook about her wench clothing?
  11. In "The Doctor", what does Hook try to disguise as when they find him in the middle of the aftermath of a ogre massacre?
  12. In "Good Form", what is the name of Liam and Killian's ship?

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