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Alright, this is the first of the Nightmare of the Ouroboros Family series, Once Upon a Nightmare. I'll work on the second one as soon as I find time.

Please comment what you thought, and tell me your favorite character! Also, if you watch Fullmetal Alchemist, which is what this is based off of, please comment who you'd like to see in the next one. Thank you!

Created by: Hephaestuschild
  1. As you closed your eyes and fell asleep, you heard a whisper in your ear. "Do you want to come with me..?" A female voice called. The voice was kind, yet quiet, as if it was rarely ever used.
  2. Whatever you did or said, soon you feel a bright light shining in your eyes. You open them to see a girl of about 15 with long, wavy white hair and crimson red eyes staring at you, arms crossed. She wore a black shirt and skirt, with one black glove on her left hand, and black boots. "So.. you're the one he chose?" She says, and you realize she was the one who whispered in your ear.
  3. She smiles, and four doors appear in the once empty white void. "I am Sloth, the Ultimate Guide. Pleasure to meet you." You look around at the doors. The first is pure black stone, with a dragon carved into the door. Green vines ran around the frame elegantly. The next was a modern styled door, with a bush beside it blooming with purple roses. The next was gold with red writing on it, reading 'Beware of Bird'. You thought that had to be some sort of weird joke. What bird would need to be bewared? The last was pure white with a picture of a snake devouring it's tail on it.
  4. She walks to the green door, quickly opening it. Inside is a quiet room, decorated in green and black. You look up at the ceiling, then at the floor. It looks like some overgrown forest. A snake slithers over your foot, it's green body making you realize your feet are bare. It looks at you with purple eyes, and seems to be laughing.
  5. Sloth isn't there anymore, and neither is the snake. You hear a laugh, and look around, startled. A boy is sitting on the bed, purple eyes narrowed in amusement. He has green hair that fans out, similar to a palm tree, and his body is well muscled. He's wearing a skirt and halfshirt. "Welcome to hell. The name's Envy."
  6. He snorts at whatever you said, and walks over. "Well, I dunno why you're here. Because if you don't get out soon I'm killing you." He said casually, as if commenting about the weather.
  7. Sloth appears then, and she glares at Envy "Just give them what they came here for." Envy rolls his eyes, throwing a pendant to you. It's a simple leather strap with a green stone carved into a snake on it.
  8. He nods "Yeah yeah, whatever." Not really paying attention. Sloth ushers you out the door, back into the empty white room. Envy's door has disappeared, and the two of you now stand in front of the modern, purple rose door.
  9. She smiles at you kindly, and opens the door. Inside is a nice house, with a bunkbed and a flat screen tv. Multiple video game consoles sit beside the tv, and a 3ds and it's games are scattered across the floor. The main room scheme color? Purple.
  10. Sloth has once again ditched you. You start over to the tv when a shrill voice squeals "No! That's mine! Unless you've come to play." You turn around, and standing in front of the door is a small...girl? Boy. Too much hair to tell. The thick hair is dark black, and the one eye showing out from behind it is a vivid purple. He tilts his head slightly, a questioning look on his face "Did you come to play with me or not?"
  11. He smiles as you tell him you'll play with him, and says quickly "My name's Wrath, who're you? No one plays with me much, Envy used to, but anymore he just ignores me." He continues talking, going on and on about how Sloth promised to play with him a couple times then broke her word, and how Envy was just a mean palm tree.
  12. Sloth walks in, and Wrath realizes he spent all his time he could of spent playing with you talking. He clenches his fists, eyes tearing up. "Dammit...this always happens..." As Sloth ushers you out the door quickly, you here a sound like things breaking in the room, and crying.
  13. Wrath's door is gone as you go into the white room once again. Sloth holds your hand now, looking at you seriously "The next room I'm taking you to, be careful. He is the Ultimate Deceiver."
  14. She nods and walks with you to the gold door, opening it and ushering you inside. Inside is like some sort of castle ballroom, it's large and seems eerily quiet. A figure stands in the middle of the room, his blond hair braided and falling over one shoulder, his face hidden behind a white mask. His gold eyes sparkle as he walks toward you. He smiles, kneeling before you, taking your hand, and kissing it. "Hello, M'lady. I am Pride. Pleasure to meet you."
  15. He stands up straight, and you notice his gold eyes are now glowing red. He takes your hand again, smirking "How about...a kiss, my dear?" He leans toward you, but soon draws back as a figure is holding him by his hair, glaring at him. (Answer this one with who the figure holding him back was.)
  16. Whoever it was, they quickly throw him aside before he can lay another finger on you, and lead you out the door. Their eyes lock onto yours as you leave, and the door dissolves along with their figure. You find yourself alone in the void, with only one door left to go through.
  17. You walk over and open the door, to see a figure sitting in front of a gate. He has only an outline, no features whatsoever. He's pure white, but so is his surroundings. A mouth appears on his face and he grins "Did you enjoy my little gift? Did you want to stay? Well, I can always arrange that...for a price."
  18. He just laughs and shakes his head. The gate opens and arms made of darkness grab you, dragging you inside. You bolt awake back in your bed at your house, safe and sound. Five items lay beside you. You put one around your neck, sighing, wishing it wasn't just a dream. (Pick your favorite.)

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