On a boat

You're probably reading this because you don't know what this quiz is about, right? Anyway, this quiz gives you a role on a boat, in the comments or discussion page, I want you to pretend like you have that role, if everyone does it, it will be so fun!

And don't just think you can take the quiz and not join in, where's the fun in that? Also, say what role you got, that way, everybody (or at least me) can know you better

Created by: bfaithr

  1. You've got a big science test in a week. Which of the following describes your study style?
  2. When you were a kid at camp, which best-camper award would you have most likely won?
  3. Which of these birthday parties would you plan for yourself?
  4. Which of these clubs would you rather join?
  5. Which of these phrases best describes you?
  6. For your school's talent show, you...
  7. You and your friends are spending a week at the beach! When you're not building sand castles, you're...
  8. Your class is dividing into teams for a scavenger hunt. You...
  9. You're probably wondering why this quiz is titled "On a boat" and there is nothing about boats
  10. The results are roles on a boat. Either in the comments or in a discussion page titled "On a boat" please pretend like you have that role. If everyone does it, it will be so fun!

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