Which X factor judge are you???

This quiz shows how different charecters act very differently and once you know them it is very easy to predict what they are going to do and how they will react

Do you act the same way as a celebrity? Are you in the same boat as them? would you handle a crisis the same way? you are about to find out with this quiz

Created by: Slinky
  1. It is the first week of auditions what do you wear???
  2. Your first contestant can sing but has an awful atitude
  3. a girl is singing your favorite song and she forgets her words
  4. You are about to find out your mentor groups
  5. you have to axe one of your groups
  6. Two of your group are in the bottom 2
  7. You find 1 of your acts has been breaking the rules
  8. You are ill and have to pick a stand in judge
  9. you have a problem an act decides to leave
  10. you have won the X Factor and you are so pleased

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Quiz topic: Which X factor judge am I???