are you losing you're bff?

to sum up this quiz, i'd say informing. want to learn how your friendship is doing? are you just bored? if so take my quiz, but be preapered, because you will never now what your results are! ok i know that sounds corny but who cares?!

are you and you bff doing ok? take this quiz to find out. i'm writing this last part because the quiz people require it, so do not judge me!! any way hope you enjoy and if not, then who am i to judge? just rate to let me know how i did.

Created by: lizzy
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  1. does you're bff hang out with other people then doesn'y tell you?
  2. does he/she take no interest in what you're saying?
  3. do you ever talk with them at home?
  4. do they know you're number off by heart?
  5. do you 2 hang out at shcool?
  6. do you see him/her walking around with people that you've never seen, and it looks like they're having more fun than u 2 have?
  7. are you getting bored of this quiz?if you r, then i don't care
  8. how long have you 2 know each other?
  9. do you know their pets?
  10. has he/she ever stolen your boy friend/girl friend?
  11. does he/she try to hide things that they got invited to and you didn't? (this has happened to me)

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Quiz topic: Am I losing you're bff?