Are You The One For Me?!

there are many smart people.. stalkers but few genises. after all if you are either than you creep me out and worry me.. so if you think you know me continue quizzing you don't then choose something else to do..

You think you know me?! YOU think you are going to be me one and only.. I somehow doubt that! but what ever floats your boat yano?! so do this quiz because it may not be the best but its something yeh?!

Created by: Carrie

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Would You Consider Yourself,,,
  2. Where Would You Take Me On Our Firdt Date?!
  3. So We've Been Going Out For A While Now And I Still Haven't Met Your Parents.. How Do We Meet?!
  4. When I Meet Your Parents What Do They Do?!
  5. Now It's Time Too Meet My Parent's... How Do Youy Present Yourself..
  6. I've Invited To To Have Christmas Round Mine.. But Your Parents Have Special Plans... How Do You Let Me Down?!
  7. What's Our First Proper Agruement About?!
  8. How Do We Make Up?!
  9. It's Been Two Years.. We Are Joyfully Happy.. And You Think About Popping The Question.. How Do You Do It?!
  10. My Answer?!
  11. Month Of The Wedding?!
  12. Honeymoon?!
  13. Kids?!
  14. We Live Happily Ever After?!

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Quiz topic: Am I The One For Me?!