Novel Matilda Quiz

Matilda a novel written by roald dahl is such a great book or novel many people love to read it like me i have severaly read it this book is realy my favriout i hope i could meet a real girl like matilda

Take this quiz if you think that you know every thing in the novel it is like a challenge take it so you will know how difficult it is It is made up of fully difficult questions take it so you will know this

Created by: Hooriya
  1. Who is the illustrator of novel matilda?
  2. What is name of matilda school?
  3. What is name of matilda's brother
  4. Who is aunt of miss honey
  5. What is miss trunchbull first name
  6. Who was lavender
  7. What is job of mr wormwood
  8. Bruce bogttroter cake was brought on
  9. Matilda has a power by which she can see invisible things
  10. Matilda get jealous from lavender
  11. Matilda was adapted by miss honey
  12. Matilda loss her power at end
  13. Miss phleps was short highted

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