Novel Matilda Quiz

Matilda parentshave called her some terrible things the truth is she is a genius and they are the stupid ones Matilda is determined to get her own back and soon discovers she has a special power

Now you try yourself do you have any of the powers like her come on and try this quiz to check it out it is the best and the most challenging one do try it plz

Created by: Hoorulain khan
  1. Who is author of this book ?
  2. Which trick did Matilda first applied on her parents ?
  3. The only book in Matilda household was _______?
  4. Miss Phleps was a ________.
  5. In chapter 4 , Which book was Matilda reading that Mr Wormwood tore of ?
  6. Matilda took the parrot from whom.
  7. Was Miss Honey mother of Lavener ?
  8. Which creature was put inside Miss Trunchbull's water ?
  9. What was full name of Nigel ?
  10. Which spelling did Miss Trunchbull asked Eric to spell ?
  11. Did Matilda discovered her power ?
  12. Miss Honey's father was called ______ at home.
  13. What was Miss Honey called at home ?
  14. At last Matilda's parents went to which country
  15. Matilda was adapted by Miss trunchbull

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