Matilda The Musical Quiz: HARD!!

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Few people have the knowledge to consider themselves a Matilda the Musical genius. Find out if you are the Matilda genius you think you are by taking this quiz!

From basic Matilda facts to the more obscure and lesser known trivia-like which Matilda actress had NEVER tried acting, singing or dancing before her Broadway debut as Matilda-this quiz will really test your knowledge.

Created by: Matilda Fan
  1. What is Matilda the Musical based on?
  2. Who are Matilda's parents?
  3. What is the height requirement for a girl to play Matilda?
  4. Which girl was the first to play the role of Matilda on Broadway?
  5. What are the names of the FEMALE schoolchildren other than Matilda?
  6. What are the names of the MALE schoolchildren?
  7. Who is Matilda's nice teacher?
  8. When Matilda gets revenge on her father by putting hair dye in his hair tonic, what song does she sing?
  9. What is Matilda's characteristic pose?
  10. What were the names of the "Tinytildas?"
  11. Who were the Tritildas and why were they nicknamed the Tritildas?
  12. What is "Quiet" about?
  13. Who are the Toronto Matildas?
  14. Which one does not belong?
  15. Who was the first African-American girl to play Matilda?
  16. Who was the first Filipino-American girl to play Matilda?
  17. Which of these Matildas has dark hair?
  18. Which Matilda starred in "Pete's Dragon" and "Bad Moms"?
  19. Which Matilda starred in "Game of Thrones"?
  20. Which Matilda never tried acting, singing or dancing before her Broadway debut as Matilda?
  21. Which Matilda taught herself to dance?
  22. Which Matilda competed on "The Vocalist"?
  23. Which Matildas played Ivanka in "Once"?
  24. Which Matilda played Molly in a Toronto production of "Annie"?
  25. Which Matilda played the title role in both the Broadway and US Tour productions of Matilda?
  26. Who was the only Original Broadway Matilda with blonde hair?
  27. Which Matilda acted in the Australian production?
  28. Which team of Matildas included Ava Ulloa and Ripley Sobo?
  29. Which team of Matildas was comprised of Gabby Gutierrez, Mabel Tyler and Mia Sinclair Jenness?
  30. Which team of Matildas is comprised of Rileigh McDonald, Mimi Ryder, Mattea Conforti and Alexandra Vlachos?
  31. Which Matilda sang the song "Quiet" in a Spirit Young Performers Company recording?

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