Nothing But Ordinary part 1

Hey guys this is my first quiz! Im new here and its really fun to make these: the story is basically a teenage love story so if you like writers like TRB, xxblutixx, and other people like that, then you might like this.although im probably nowhere near as good as them:)

and there are three cute guys in this quiz. I think I might make more.. their descriptions are in the results. so enjoy! :] also if you want to be in this quiz im taking any one who wants to be in it

Created by: Kawaii_kitty14

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  1. I stared blankly out my bedroom window, observing the thick growth of trees and the moonlight beaming through the misty clouds that surrounded my house. Oregon seemed so eerie,out of all the states in the U.S.A we had to move here. ‛‛The thing that bothers me the most is that it rains all the time.‛‛ I said thinking to myself. Why here?
  2. I snapped out of my daze and strained my ears to hear the argument in the next room I have a bad habit of eavesdroping. My parents were fighting ‛‛Grant you're never home, a..and sometimes we need you here.’’ ‘‘How long has it been since we've been an actual family?’’ I heard a pause my mom waiting for a response. ‘‘Cassie im trying to support this family, and a great promotion was offered... we might be moving.
  3. I stepped away from my window and flopped down on my bed. I didn't want to hear the argument... we were going to move again and it's probably final. I felt a warm tear stream down my cheek i swept it away and closed my eyes.
  4. I woke up to the loud beeping of my alarm clock. I slammed my hand down on the button and rolled out of bed. First day of high school.... great. I picked out a cute outfit (any clothes you want) and curled my hair. I Iooked really cute, I was suprised with the turn out. I walked downstairs and the smell of breakfast food hit my nose my stomach growled loudly and i sat down at the table.
  5. ''Are you hungry'' _ _ _ _? ‘‘yes! how could I say no? The food looks really good, thanks mom’’.She smiled and gave me a plate of pancakes and hash browns. After I was done eating I headed back upstairs‚brushed my teeth, grabbed my backpack, and headed for the door. I pulled out my ipod and started listening to mobile by Avril Lavigne It reminded me of what I heard my parents talking about last night. As I was walking a guy wearing a grey hoodie and riding a bike rode past and almost knocked me down. he stopped his bike and got off. ‘‘Are you ok’’? ‘‘Ummm sure considering you almost plowed me with your bike’’ He grinned, showing off perfect white teeth. Well sorry I told you to move, I gotta get to school. He got on his bike and rode off.
  6. Something about him seemed so familiar... the jet black hair styled into a faux hawk and his hazel eyes. But I don't think we've met before. I thought to myself. I want to know more about this mystery boy
  7. I followed the same path that mystery boy took, asuming that we go to the same school because he looks about the same age as me.I got to a giant building with a bunch of teenagers swarming around it,I walked through the door and an older lady with, grey hair greeted me and lead me to the office. ‘‘You must be ________? ’’ ‘‘Yup thats me’’. ‘‘Ok i‛ll get you a schedule, it might take a while our printer is having issues’’.
  8. As I was waiting a voice boomed into the intercom ‘‘CHASE LABRUM report to my office NOW.’’ I scoffed quietly, the first day of school and people are getting in trouble. A guy with shortish, light brown hair came through the door and sat next to me, he caught me staring! my face flushed red (oh my god.) he winked and nudged my arm. ‘‘Don't be too shy.’’ He chuckled and left to the principals office.
  9. I rolled my eyes and laughed, that kid acted like we've known each other for years.He was pretty cute though. ‘‘_______ , your schedule is done.’’ she handed me a schedule, I thanked her, and left. Ok first hour is math, I need to find locker 426 I found my locker and tried the com. 10 - 46 - 36, it was jammed or something. I sat there for a while until the guy next locker over from me helped out. ‘’Whats your com’’? ‘‘10-46-36.’’ On his first try he opened it. Thanks , I said trying not to blush. ‘‘No problem’’. he said with a grin. ‘‘I'm Aiden.’’ He held out his hand and I lightly shook it, My stomach exploded with butterflies. ‘‘ I'm _______, its my first day here.’’ ‘‘Oh do you need help finding your classes?’’ ‘‘Umm sure.’’ ‘‘Ok what's your first class?’’ ‘‘Math in Mrs. Weavers.’’ ‘‘We have math together i‛ll take you there.’’
  10. this isn't really part of the story but who do you like so far? And if you want rate and comment this is my first quiz please give me a chance hope you liked it

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