not so picture perfect part 1

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alright this is my first quiz so be easy on me here are the boys discriptions nate: dark brown hair, blue eyes, the really nice and cute type. eric: is really really hot and shy has black hair and ice blue eyes cuts himself alot. drake:hot nerdy type likes video games and has white hair glasses and has blue eyes. ashton: hot rude type redish hair and brown eyes

and if you get a guy named eric or drake there going to be introduced in the next part sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bye

Created by: miniskit

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  1. okay you are 17 years old you go to Everwood high school you like to write, draw and play video games.your parents both passed away so you have foster parents but they don't really like you and abuse you so you have to sneak out through your bedroom window (its on the first floor so it's easier to climb out)to go out with your best friend alex.
  2. so lets get to the story.
  3. monday morning and it's time to go to school. you wake up take a shower and put on your clothes what do you wear?
  4. you go to the kitchen make your breakfast, scrap some money for lunch and try to catch the school bus you were almost late thank god you caught it just in time
  5. alex was waiting there for you "hey, where were you yesterday?" he asked you. you were supposed to meet him at the park on sunday. you bit your lip and tried to lie "um.... i forgot?" he looked deep into your eyes "your lying,tell me the truth" what did you say next?
  6. "i can't alex i'd get into some serious trouble if i told someone" you said "you can tell me i'm your best friend and i promise i won't tell" he said still looking into your eyes " i-i cant" you ran out of the bus and into the school
  7. the school was flooded with people everywhere. you struggled through the crowd to get to your locker.---1st period--- you had history right now. you entered the class and sat down next to a guy with brown hair and blue eyes what do you say?
  8. lets say you chose to introdce your self "hi, my name is ______ whats yours? you say "my name is nate, normaly people don't ask me that so, thanks" he said cheerfully. the teacher began class way before you guys started to talk so the teacher got pissed and sent you two to detention.
  9. so you guys passed notes through the rest of the class.2nd,3rd and 4th period flew by fast and soon it was detention time
  10. you finally get to detention there were two girls and three guys one of them was nate and the other was alex but you didn't know the other guy he had reddish hair and brown eyes that you could just melt in anyway alex and nate saw you and both waved who did you choose to sit beside?
  11. so who ever you sit beside you finnished talking to them and the bell rang. but unfortunatly you left your journal/diary
  12. then at the end of the day you were about to close your locker and leave school but then this guy showed up the same guy from detention "is this yours?" he had the sexiest deep voice ever. he was holding your diary in his hand "ohmigosh, thank you, thank you sooooooo much!" you said "thats ok you don't have to thank me just next time don't forget to carry it with you"
  13. then you walked home but when you got there your parents were screaming at you because you were went to your room and climed out the window to go to alex. you texted him to meet you at the park you said you had something really important to tell him. how do you think he will react to the news?
  14. okay so that is the end oh 1 more thing i'm switching drake's name and erics name and if you get eric hes in the next quiz and the last guy you talked to was a guy named ashton

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