Not Any Mortal Boys! (Part 16)


Okay, so, in the last quiz, Coal, that death fairy dude, kidnapped you and threw you in this jail cell and told you the history behind it. Now, read on to see how you escape!

Created by: Mythologyfreak

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  1. So, you sat there on that damp stone prison cell floor, to miserable to think about anything. Your face was streaked with dried up tears. Your vision was blurry and your hands were clammy. There was no way of escape. You were waiting for three hours so far beside a dying Felix. You sighed. 'Three hours down,' you thought. 'Twenty-one more to go.' That was when you felt your stomach churn as Upiorzyca stirred inside of you. 'Goodness,' she thought inside of your skull, using your eyes to look around. 'What a place. It hasn't changed at all.' You grumbled to yourself, all your agony washing away with the one last little tear that flowed freely down your cheek, "She always chooses the BEST, and I mean BEST times to get up." Then, you thought, going back to your senses, 'What do you mean? Did you hear everything that happened? Have you really been here before?' 'In fact, yes, I have,' she answered thoughtfully. 'I shall tell you what I know about this place.'
  2. You listened intently as Upiorzyca narrated her experience to you. '______, a few centuries ago, I was ambushed, captured, and hauled here. I learned all this from other people there. You are in the Prison of the Central World, where angels or citizens of Hell commiting grotesque crimes are brought to learn their lessons. Eventually, it was abandoned due to financial causes.' You interrupted, 'Wait- are these worlds kind of like ours? Like, because of these financial causes and stuff?' 'Yes. Just like in the mortal world, there are financial gains, bonanzas, and major declines. After another few decades, the death fairies, good fairies that were converted into evil took over this place. Since they took over such an important, powerful, and I repeat, important citadel, chaos began to rule. Anyone who is in charge of this Prison has the authority to bring justice to criminals. The death fairies abused this law and began torturing everybody. The boys' mother was a victim of this torture.' Emotional silence engulfed you once Upiorzyca finished her explanation.
  3. 'So...' you thought back after a while of thinking, 'Should we get cracking?' A silence. Then, Upiorzyca asked cluelessly, 'What do you mean, crack?' You rolled your eyes and repiled, 'It translates to, should we get get started?' 'Oh.' 'So?' Another annoying silence. You wished you could punch her in the face but that wasn't possible because it meant punching yourself in the face. Anyway, the spirit answered, 'All right. What do you suggest?' you thought, with your eyes closed, your mind concentrated on only one little dot in your head and nothing else. 'Well, you can combine your strength with mine and pull of the bars. Then, I'll try carrying Felix on my back. Do you know sorcery, 'Zyca?' 'Yes.' 'Then, we can use your sorcery to become invisible and avoid any guards in our path. Once we get outta this place, we'll try finding the guys. Make sense?' After a few seconds of thoughtful rhinking, Upiorzyca murmured, 'Excellent, ______. You did better than I thought you would have.' 'And how did you think I would've told this plan?' She answered, 'Like an idiot.' You rolled your eyes again.
  4. You stood up. With Upiorzyca's unbelievable strength and power pumping freely through your blood and around your body, you lifted Felix up effortlessly onto your shoulder. As her strength surged even more powerfully through you, you marched up to the door and wrenched the bars off. 'So far, so good,' you thought. You looked on either side of you as you poked your head out of the broken doorway. Two hallways reached down, left and right, into infinite blackness. "Who knows what awaits us," you muttered. 'Go through the right hallway,' Upiorzyca advised. 'I have experience in navigating through the labyrinth of the Prison. I memorized the pathways when I escaped from here.' You trusted her. You were about to race down into that hallway when she hollered in your head, 'Wait!' you stopped abruptly. '______. Can you see yourself?' You gasped and looked down. You couldn't see yourself at all. That made you wonder- could Granger see himself at all, being a ghost? You shook that thought away. You had to focus on the plan. "Yes," you whispered in response. You raced into the darkness without stopping to think.
  5. Your heart thumped and flickered along with the torches that dimly lit up the hall before you. You veered left at a branch in the road as Upiorzyca told you. You kept running tirelessly, invisible and oblivious to the guards marching solemnly around. Finally, you burst through two huge doorways and fell, sprawled, on the ground. You panted heavily and set Felix on the ground. He looked paler than ever. You turned around and gasped- there was no castle. No building, no mamsion, no nothing- what you came out of was just a door surrounded by yards and yards of tall weeds, rotting junk and creeping moss. Completely taken aback, you looked down from a gut feeling. You were standing on a circle of- nothingness. You couldn't help but scream. You were floating on a puddle of black darkness. 'You are standing on space, ______,' Upiorzyca consoled calmly. 'Nothing but empty space. Don't be scared, thought. Are you falling?' You slowly shook your head, realizing that bright light was beginning to blind you. 'We don't have much time, ______, before those guards realize what has happened,' Upiorzyca urged. 'We must find the others- fast.'
  6. You both tried thinking. As you did, you noticed something strange happening in front of you. An outline of the Prison began appearing. Have you ever looked through smoke from a fire? That's how it looked like at first. Then it the outlines began to fill in. After a few minutes, it looked like a charcoal drawing- a huge castle towering in the sky, all black. It seemed to be engulfed by thin swirls of clouds at the tippy-top. Gargoyles grinned hungrily down at you from above. They were streaked with dripping red liquid. You hoped it was just paint. 'They are alive, _____,' Upiorzyca warned. This is part of the Prison's defense mechanisms. Those gargoyles will tear you to shreds if you don't get to the very top of the tower quick enough.' You gasped, gulped and thought back, 'The guys are up there?' 'Yes. Coal is not a fool. He knew that somehow, you would find a way out. So, he gave them a wonderful room at that peak.' You gulped, looking up at that high tower. And was it just you, or did you just see those gargoyles lick their lips? Not stopping to think about it any longer, you rushed back through the doors and into the floods of death fairies, the gargoyles' cackling not at all far behind you.
  7. You smashed and jostled your way through the crowds, totally shocking them. You noticed a medium-sized doorway partially hidden by carelessly strewn boxes. You heaved them out of the way, and yanked the door open. You looked up at the steep staircase, trailing up and up and up and up and uuuppp.... you shook your head, fighting tears. 'I have to get to them,' you thought. With the help of Upiorzyca's speed, you rushed up the wobbly, creaky, narrow steps. You found it difficult to breathe as the staircase gradually grew more cramped. Finally, when you felt that you were going to die with one more steps, and the followers footsteps had subsided, the staircase opened up into a wide room. Strapped to straw cots were Eulisses, Viktor, Granger, and Damon, looking drained but still very much alive. Shrieking with excitement, you bounded over to them and began untying the straps.
  8. Finally, you finished untying them. They sat up and stared at you. Their expressions were a mixture of surprise and concern- but they just flitted across their faces. Granger was the first to smile. "Upiorzyca helped you," he stated. Viktor smiled next. "You will only be given partial credit." You groaned. Damon winked playfully at you. Only Eulisses looked sad and- you had to admit, cute with his knees balancing his face and making it look all chubby. Granger was quick to regain his senses. He stood up swiftly, all the others following. "We must leave," he announced. "But Coal-" "No, Eulisses, we will deal with him later. We are running out of time. We must leave." And with that, Granger dissolved into Damon's body. Scooping your tired body up in his wings, he rammed through the wall. Looking down, your heart thumped wildly. "Hold on tight, Upiorzyca," Damon warned. You heard the smile on his voice. "Damon," you heard a voice call. You looked toward the tower and noticed Eulisses and Viktor ready to leap down. "Your wings didn't heal entirely yet. Will you make it?" Eulisses asked, concerned. "I will," he answered. He hurtled, head-first, downward. You tried not to scream again, but insteas concentrated on Viktor and Eulisses who were crawling down the tower like spiders just as fast as Damon. Finally, you all touched ground. Damon continued flying eastward while Viktor gently gathered his little brother in his arms. In his eyes, you saw, was a blazing, furious anger that you had never seen in him before.
  9. You slowly fall asleep. By the time you wake up, it's night in Axday. The full moon is shining. You looked arounf your good ol' tent, and see the guys looking at you with no reaction. Your first question was: "How's Felix?" "Viktor has gone to nurse him," Granger answered. You noticed that he wasn't among the group. Damon nodded in agreement. "The two are closer than all of us. He hates it when Felix gets evem a small scar. So, imagine what a bad mood he is in right now." you nodded, although, you never saw such a calm, quiet person in a bad mood. "Guys, I'm sleepy," you murmured. "Can we take the day off tomorrow?" They all chuckled. "Unfortunately, no, Upiorzyca," they replied. "Coal is still on our trail, and he is not to be messed around with. We must continue on our journey as early as possible. We have already wasted much valuable time." you nodded, tired, and rested your head on your pillow. The guys tucked your blanket around you, and within seconds, you fell asleep again.
  10. Okay, guys! Hoped ya'll liked it!!! Please rate and comment! I hate it when nobody comments!

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