Not Any Mortal Boys! (Part 13)


Ahem, so, this part is your next challenge. You'll have a slight betrayal in here, and a new character who is in there in the back of your mind, but you probably don't remember. Hope you don't. XD *me- hint hint- I mentioned him in the Ellesmera challenge!*

Created by: Mythologyfreak

  1. Hey guys what up? Just to remind you- if you were stupid enough not to read the greeting words on the last quiz and look at the parting words, remember to do it next time! It wrote that that was the first challenge in the second realm!
  2. All right, back to the story. You get up, as usual. Your eyes scanned the dark surroundings of the small tent until you got used to the darkness. They fell on a miniscule, clear white little envelope that had the words 'Open Me' written in pure script. You frowned and gripped your blanket with your sweaty palms. 'What if it's a trap?' you thought. 'What if there's something inside it that could kill me or a weird message from a murderer or-' you shook your head so vigorously that all your thoughts vanished, like how Granger sometimes disappeared. You reached out for it cautiously and tore the flap open. You slowly slid out the neatly and perfectly folded paper. It read- 'Upiorzyca, please come to our tent as soon as possible. This is extremely urgent, and time is running out. Do not launch into your daily routines; you must come NOW.' Your eyes widened in surprise, and you quickly tossed away your heap of blankets and ran into the- amazingly freezing day. Shivering, not only beacuse of the cold, but because of your whirling thoughts.
  3. When you arrived at the guys' tent, you sighed, because there was a fireplace crackling with orange flames, leaping and dancing with the sparks. The guys were bent over a three dimensional map with little objects to take as people. They were moving the things around and discussing things, and as usual, whispering, so you couldn't hear. Eulisses looked up. His golden eyes seemed to say, 'No more fun, Upiorzyca. Nothing but strategy.' "About time," he was saying. The guys immdiately ceased talking and looked at you. You asked, "Why's it cold?" Granger said, "This is exactly why we have called you over." Damon added, "Yes. This is not only beacause of the weather, but what will happen in a matter of a few hours as well." you expected Viktor to say something, but he was just staring at the 3-D map, thinking about something. You walked over to the map. You realized it was the same one you took to find the way to Lissaine's oak tree- except it was 3-D. Eulisses said, "The challenges are alot more difficult than we had thought. Yesterday's challenge had almost killed Damon, and today's is no less hard." Your eyebrows raised as you looked at the mountains and forests and figures that covered the map. You looked up at Eulisses and asked, "What is the challenge?" Viktor answered for him by saying softly, "We must defeat an army of one hundred thousand people with our bare hands."
  4. You couldn't do anything but stare. You just stared into blank space. Then, you looked at each of the guys and finally said a few words- "We seriously have to fight one hundred thousand people?" Across from where you were standing, Damon let out a forlorn sigh. Then he said, "Pardon me for saying this, but, I find it especially peculiar when we say something specifically and the person who is listening to it repeats the same, presice thing- in question form, however." Granger and Viktor nodded their heads in agreement. Eulisses just stared off into space. You drew in a sharp breath and let it out by saying, "Okay. Fine. Sorry. So what, may I ask, THE HELL ARE WE SUPPOSED TO DO?!?!" Eulisses was so startled that he almost jumped a foot into the air before he realized what you had said. The other guys just stood up calmly. Then they said, "We need magic."
  5. "But- I thought YOU guys had magic," you stuttered. Granger said, "Yes, you are partially right. We do certainly have magic, powerful beyond your imagination. However, the army that is marching toward us is created by the Mother. Our true challenge is to find this specific potion so we can defeat the army." "But Viktor said-" Eulisses spoke, "Yeah, we know, Viktor didn't say the whole thing. But remember what Damon said? He told you that he didn't like talking." "But," you protested, "can't he speak long enough so I could at least understand a bit?" "Upiorzyca," Damon interrupted. "He's right there." Viktor just started talking, as if he hadn't heard anything. "Upiorzyca, your task is to distract the army while we search for the potion."
  6. "That's so lame!" you screeched. The guys smiled. Viktor replied, "Would it not be difficult to distract an army complete with one hundred thousand soldiers, twenty-five cannons, and exactly nine thousand rifles?" you had no answer to that. You thought, 'Yeah, so THEY get the easy and fun parts. That's so fair.' The guys immediately answered mockingly, "This is part of your traning, sweetheart." you snorted. You still didn't think it was fair. After another moment of awkward silence, Eulisses announced, "Okay, guys, gotta get moving, we don't got much time!" As Granger handed you a warm, fluffy jacket, Granger muttered, "Eulisses, it is 'we do not have much time,' not 'we don't got much time.' Ugh, I dislike your language." "Everyone, no more quarreling amongst each other. We must leave. Viktor?" he asked, putting his arm on his shoulders. "Would you like me to carry some of the luggage?" Viktor was carrying loads of bags on his shoulders. It didn't seem to take any effort for him to carry all of that. "No, Damon, you have suffered much in the past." 'Huh, yeah right,' you thought. The guys all looked straight at you. 'Crap,' you thought again. "Give it all to Upiorzyca, Viktor," Granger said. "She had not received training in a while." you growled as Viktor happily loaded all the bags onto you and bounded out of the tent with his brothers. You grunted and staggered under the heavy weight as you hobbled outside.
  7. As you trudged outside, Upiorzyca said in your brain, 'Ooof. Tough work. And it's freezing outside. Would you like me to help you out?' You thought about it. The trees rustled in the wind. The guys walked happily in front, pushing and shoving each other playfully and cracking hilarious jokes. As you were laughing quietly at one of them, you answered in your brain, 'Yes, please. Thanks, 'Zyca.'You felt the load shift into a comfortable position on your back. It didn't seem to take you any effort at all. You thanked Upiorzyca profusely in your head for taking the load on her strength,and you didn't even deserve it because you were about to get the both of you killed the other day. You both laughed and joked around yourselves, until you accidentally collided with the guys. "What the-" you said and halted the words spewing out of your mouth. In front of you, hidden partially by mist, was a humongous army, full of people wearing golden armor and holding lances and maces and battle-axes and catapults and daggers and oh, so many weapons... then, when you looked around you, you noticed that the guys had disappeared, along with your load.
  8. You bit your nails, chewing them and biting them off in fear. '_____, that's disgusting,' Upiorzyca said. 'Give them an introduction. Just say 'hi.'' "Uhhhh," you mumbled, your voice trembling. "Hi?" your voice echoed throughout the meadow. There were a few grunts of disapproval throught he army. Several of them hefted their guns and aimed at you, as well as a few other weapons. Out of fear, you babbled, "Hey, I'm just an idiot who doesn't know anything, okay? All I'm saying is, please don't kill me. Please." more people lifted their weapons. "No!" you shrieked. athis was too much for you. You fell on your knees. Upiorzyca grunted in your head. "Please don't kill me, please, infinity and beyond please!!!" Then you heard a few shots fly overhead. You ducked, but you noticed that it wasn't aiming at you. You whirled and saw...
  9. Meanwhile, the guys were sitting on a few rocks, laughing, not searching for any potion. "Oh, we have fooled Upiorzyca so easily," Viktor said through bursts of laughter. Damon said, "How could she have believed this? Although, we had acted extremely convincingly," he added thoughtfully. "Anyhow," Granger said, "The act was still humerous, while giving Upiorzyca some good practice." Only Eulisses was silent. He was picking at a blade of grass, shredding it into pieces with his sharp claws. "I didn't like that idea," Eulisses sputtered. The other guys all turned to him. Eulisses took a deep breath and continued, "Upiorzyca is a really nice and caring person and I like her. I mean, I like all of you also but personally, I didn't think that was a good idea because- she just doesn't deserve to have it, okay?" "Then why haven't you told us this last night?" the other guys said. Eulisses looked up and said, "What?" "Eulisses, we are all brothers, are we not? As a family, we must share our thoughts and feelings, everything that we feel anxious or unsure about. If you had told us that you did not want to do this, we would have discussed it and done something different!" "But-I didn't think you would listen to me, so-" Granger interrupted by saying, "Do you recall what Father had told us once? He had said, 'If anyone feels anxious or unsure about something, talk about them to your family, for they will be your mentors for all your life.'" Eulisses sighed and nodded. Viktor sat next to him, patted him on the head and put his arm on his shoulders. The other guys did the same. After a small silence, Eulisses said, "Well, I hope Felix will come quickly."
  10. Back to you. The person behind you was- YOUR YOUNGER BROTHER!!!! The one who taught you swordfighting! He is twelve years old, and had blood red hair, just like- 'The guys' mother!' you and Upiorzyca thought at the same time. "Yo, what up, sis!" he greeted. Then, he whipped through the army, so fast you couldn't see him, and in a few minutes, they were gone. Like, totally gone. You looked at himin astonishment as he bounced over to you, with only a few bruises and scratches. "Bro?" you started cautiously. "Is that- really you?" "Yeah, imma random frickin zombie hobo, yeah you idiot, I am your bro- not really but... okay, the other guys'll explain to you." As you both walked through the labyrinth of bushes and brambles of Axday, your mind whirling with questions, Upiorzyca murmured in your brain, 'I understand, now.' 'Whaddyou understand?' you thought back. '____, this was all a set up. An act, performed by the other guys. They only pretended to be searching for a potion. They wanted to watch how well you distracted the enemy, and, just in case, they brought this boy, your brother here to take care of you.' You marveled at Upiorzyca's cleverness. But inspite of all that admiration, you couldn't believe that the guys would betray- excuse me, behave like that. You thought back anyways, 'Upiorzyca, can you think of any possibility on how my brother came here and how he knows the guys?' Upiorzyca was silent for a while and then replied, 'I really don't know. That's for them to say, if they ever tell why.' you sighed and said, 'Thanks anyway, 'Zyca. You're awesome.' Upiorzyca giggled and said, 'Thanks.'
  11. Finally, you arrived at where the guys were. They were sitting on a few stones, and they seemed very happy and satisfied. Pushing your brother out of the way, you snarled at them and said, "Upiorzyca here," you snarled, tapping your forehead, "told me everything." Viktor only calmly answered, "Would you like to know who your brother truly is, or would you like to know why we set this up?" you grumbled and said, "The first choice." Eulisses said, "Your brother, Matt, isn't really your brother. He's your foster brother. His real name is Felix, and he's our younger brother."
  12. Hey guys, really sorry about taking so long. I'll try harder to make it quicker next time!!! PROMISE!!!!! PINKIE SWEAR, NO FINGERS CROSSED!!!!

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