Not Any Mortal Boys! (Part 12)


Hey guys, I'm not giving a summary of this, I want you to take the quiz!!! And also, READ THE PARTING WORDS! I REPEAT, READ THE PARTING WORDS! THEY ARE IMPORTANT!!!!!

Created by: Mythologyfreak

  1. Recap- The guys told you that Lissaine served the Mother and that Lissaine had hypnotized Nyla. Back to the present: "WHAT?!" you scream."But why would the Mother want to take over Nyla?" "I think Nyla was right about you being- ah, very dumb in that interview," Granger commented. "Hey!" you snapped at him. "If you try to insult me again, I'll just- I'll just abandon this quest once and for all! I don't care about your stupid mom who died, all right? I DON'T CARE!" the guys all stared at you. You could see their eyes blazing in anger and sorrow. You caught Eulisses growing his claws on his hands, sharper than ever and gleaming in the sunlight, looking angrier than all his brothers- and even Viktor looked like he wanted to bite you and rip your throat off. Eulisses suddenly lunged at you with astonishing speed. You felt knives sinking into your throat, and the black swallowing you up. The last words you heard were the guys muttering, "Serves her right," and Granger, Damon, and Viktor putting their arms on Eulisses' shoulders.
  2. You wake up slowly, rubbing your eyes. You remembered the incident that just happened clearly, because it made such an impact in your life that it was burned into your head, like songs in a CD. You got up and walked out of your tent. You see the guys whispering softly under the radiant light of the full moon. You decide to try to talk to them. You gulp and squeak, with hope in your voice, "Guys?" but they only mumble something to each other, get up while glaring at you, and leave. You notice that their tents were packed and they were holding their hiking bags. Just before they were about to slip into the darkness of the night, you ask, "Where are you guys going?" but your voice only echoes through Axday. You sigh and plop into the grass, picking at one of the blades. There was a spooky silence, but you were you used to the owls' hoots and the frogs croaks and other sounds of the night. '______?' Upiorzyca asked from inside of you. You sighed and looked up at the enormous full moon, which was too big for it. You frowned. "Yeah, 'Zyca?" you say. '______, I think you should follow the boys. It isn't safe here. I can feel it.'
  3. "Whaddyou mean?" you ask, feeling scared. '_____, it will be the death of you if you don't hurry,' Upiorzyca said, sounding urgent and frantic. "But why?!" you accidentally-on-purpose scream. 'Foolish idiot,' you hear Upiorzyca grumble. '_____, do you know what a supermoon is?' "Um... not exactly," you admit. 'The supermoon is when the moon is closest to Earth. Do you see how large it is?' she asks. "Uh-huh," you say. "That is the supermoon, and the most dangerous time of the year. The moon at this time can cause powerful earthquakes and destructive tsunamis about a second after the earthquake.' you gulp. "You mean- wait, is there an ocean nearby?" you ask. 'Yes,' Upiorzyca said. You cursed and got up- when you felt a crack underneath your feet.
  4. "Uh-oh," you and Upiorzyca say at the same time. 'DAMN YOU, ____, DAMN YOU!!!' Upiorzyca roared inside of you as trees and bushes shook and fell, causing enormous thuds. Worse, the Earth moaned and cracked open, revealing an endless black hole. Finally, you started running- dodging falling trees and leaping over cracks in the Earth. It sounded like the world was ending around you- birds chirped one last time before getting crushed by falling trees, making a sound so loud that the ground started cracking faster. Deer and foxes scuttled around you. You ran faster and faster until you couldn't anymore. Grass tickled your feet, making you knock into branches and shrubs. Insects buzzed around you. Suddenly...
  5. An enormous wave of aquamarine blue water blanketed the black, thundering sky. It was as tall as a redwood tree *me- which is 365 feet tall btw*. You heard the gushing waters slosh and surge around in the wave, like how the water sounds at the beach, only a thousand times louder and stronger. The wave started lowering right where you were. "Great," you mutter. You continued running, as fast as your legs allowed you. You weren't the best runner. In fact, you were the worst in your class, back in the human world. You looked up at the wave from time to time, as you were running to check how low it went. But, alas, you tripped over a branch. You felt the sharp surge of pain as your right ankle twisted unnaturally in a different angle.
  6. You sighed and sat on the ground, awaiting your death. '____, are you going nuts?! Do you really wanna die? Are you kidding me? It's just one ankle! You can-' "Hop all the way to the other side, right?" you say, interrupting Upiorzyca rudely. 'All right, then, ____. If you want to die, then so be it. I can find another person who is much more braver and smarter than you were.' you could catch a hint of sadness in her voice though. You ignored her anyway, and waited patiently for the wave to carry your life away, until...
  7. Until suddenly, you felt strong arms slip underneath you and lift you up. It was Viktor and the other guys. They ran with superhuman strength, not even panting, just breathing evenly, slow and steady, slow and steady. You looked around- and notice that Eulisses was carrying a limp Damon in his arms. His wings were wet and damp and dripping with water and his hair slick and matted. Granger was hovering/running beside all of you. "Are we gonna make it?" you yell, over the chaotic mess of sounds. The guys didn't answer. They only ran faster. Soon, you fell asleep, listening to the steady heartbeat, slow breathing, and rhythimic footsteps of Viktor and the guys.
  8. You slowly woke up, wrapped in blankets and sheets and whatnot in front of a campfire. Granger, Viktor, and Eulisses surrounded it. The fire showed through Granger, because he was transparent. "Where's Damon?" you ask softly. "He's in the tent," Eulisses responded bluntly. "Is he still alive?" you whisper. "He is unconcious," Viktor replied. "What happened?" you ask. "We had asked him to fly up and calculate exactly how big the moon was when he was hit by the the wave. It was too fast for him to escape." Granger explained. "Hey, guys," you say. "I'm really, really sorry for what I said in the morning. I really am. I didn't mean to insult your mother like that, really, I didn't! I just hate getting insulted like that, I mean it wasn't an insult but-" "Upiorzyca-" Viktor said, ut you were on a roll, spewing tens of thousands of apologies out of your stupid mouth.
  9. "UPIORZYCA!" You hear someone yell. You stopped midway in your sentence. It was Damon, walking toward you guys. "Glad to have you back, bro," Eulisses exclaimed. "And thanks for shutting her up." "But-" you protest. But Granger, with his eyes sparkling, said, "Apology accepted." the other guys nodded in agreement, smiling. You cheer and dive into a big hug, squueezing everyone's lungs out. "But what about Nyla?" you suddenly say.
  10. Damon said, "We must wait until we reach The Caverns of Death. Lissaine has taken her there." "But why didn't you stop her while we left?" you say. "Upiorzyca, the key can only be used once, and the gateway stays open for only ten seconds. If you want to use the key again, you must go through all four challenges, and Lissaine would have already hidden the key somewhere," Viktor explained. "Yes," Granger agreed. "We cannot risk having to start all those challenges over again." you sigh.
  11. You go to youe tent and sleep. Sorry guys, I'm taking so long in making quizzes!!! My mom banned me from using the computer so i'm using it while she's at work. I can't do it on weekends, and i can't risk my life!!!;) BYE BYE GUYS!!!! PLEASE COMMENT AND RATE!!!

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