Not Any Mortal Boys! (Part 11)


Hey guys, what up? So in this part, there is one last challenge until you can actually achieve something. So guys this is my WORST quiz, please don't rate it low or put negative comments!!! It wasn't really my fault I made it so corny and stupid!

Created by: Mythologyfreak

  1. Fast Forward- You are in the guys' tent. The tent still looked like their house, with fabulous and vivid paintings hooked onto the walls, and elegant, polished desks anchored onto the ground. Seated at one of the desks were the guys. They were quietly discussing something. "Ahem," you say, trying to disrupt them and signal that you were there. They didn't turn. They only smiled. "We know that you are there, Upiorzyca," Viktor murmured. "Yes," Granger said. "Come over here." you awkwardly and reluctantly walk over to their desk, for ever since they embarressed you, you hadn't talked to them. Damon pulled out a wrinkled map from the drawer. "Upiorzyca," he said, rolling out the map. "Do you remember what Nyla told you at Wunae?"
  2. You racked your brain, trying to remember. Finally, you got it. "Um... yeah?" you tell Damon. "Was that a question or an answer, Upiorzyca?" asked Eulisses. You frown at him. He was usually a happy, jumpy person, but now, he was so serious! Anyway, you answered, "Yeah... that was an answer." "What did she tell you, Upiorzyca?" Granger asked. You started getting nervous. 'Am I in trouble?' you think. Viktor chuckled and said, "You are not in trouble. Now, please answer Granger's question." you grumbled something unintelligible and say, "Fine. She said that there were three rings of realms and there wer four realms in each ring. She said that when we finish one ring, we will get a key..." your voice trailed off as realization dawned upon you. "That unlocks the next ring of realms," Eulisses finished for you. You look at him. He flashed you that familiar smile. You couldn't help but grin back.
  3. "Yes," Viktor said. "Precisely. However, Nyla had left out one important fact. There is a small, final challenge that you must complete in order to deem you worthy of grasping the key." "WHAT???" you shriek. The guys ignored you. "Upiorzyca, look at the map, please," Granger said. You satyed put, right where you were, with your arms crossed. Eulisses had to drag you to the map and held your neck face down so you could see the map and nothing else. You tried to wrench free, but he was too strong. Damon said, "Do you see the red path on this map?" you nod, with great difficulty. "Take this map and follow it until you reach your destination. You will learn what your challenge is there."
  4. Eulisses slowly let go of his grip on your neck. You rubbed it and glared at him. He shrugged and smiled apologeticly. You glared at each one of the guys for one minute, snatched the map off the desk and stormed out of the tent without looking back. Once you were out of the tent, and it was nowhere in sight, you kneeled on the grass and spread the wrinkled, aged map out in front of you. You got frustrated with the muddy ground and set your knees on it to keep it secure. On the map, traced the red line as it went through different forests and meadows. You memorized the trail, with the help of the spirit of Upiorzyca inside of you. You slowly trudged along the road, stopping at some places the admire the glorious sights. Finally, you came to your destination- a majestic, massive oak tree that stretched up into the sky.
  5. You remembered Damon saying that you would know what your challenge was at your destination. So you waited. Suddenly, you felt a leaf fall on your head. You mumbled something and shook your head, making twirl down- but you snatched it right up when you noticed golden script on it. You frowned as you deciphered *me- if that's how you spell it* the writing- "Hello, Upiorzyca. I am Lissaine, the fairy guardian of this tree. You must fly up into the sky, using your old friend, Nyla, who is right beside you." you stopped reading to look beside you- and you see Nyla, frowning at you in distaste. You shuddered and continued reading. "You will see two lakes- one is the Lake of Sorrow and the Lake of Mind. You must find out, on your own, which one is the lake of Mind. If you choose the Lake of Sorrow by mistake, you shall die; if you choose the Lake of Mind coorectly, you shall be given the key. Keep this sory in mind; it will help you. A fish wished to see the outside world. Its wish was granted when he peeked out of the water- and got captured by a fisherman. use this story to help you! Good luck!"
  6. You looked at Nyla. "Nyla, I-" she didn't let you finish. Instead, she turned into her dragon form, picked you up with her teeth, set you down on her back, and took off into the sky. You didn't feel scared at all, because you already had experience with the broom. You grinned as the wind whistled through your ears. Finally, Nyla settled upright, her wings flapping in the wind. You spotted the two lakes- one had murky, grimy water, wilting flowers, and rotting trees while the other was beautiful and healthy like Ellesmera. Which one do you think is the Lake of Mind?
  7. You immediately started blurting out that the healthy, beautiful one was the Lake of Mind, but you stopped yourself before the words spilled out of your mouth. You thought about the story Lissaine told you. 'He didn't seem to like his underwater world very much,' you thought. 'The fisherman was the outside world. But he was deadly. Humans are beautiful but deadly...' you thought, 'and he didn't like his home, but it was the right place to be!' you squealed loudly and cheered, but stopped abruptly when Nyla roared, angrily. "What's your amswer?" Nyla grunted. "The pretty one is the Lake of Mind," you chirped. Nyla steered into a steep dive. Once again, the wind whistled in your ears and you fought the urge to scream in excitement.
  8. When Nyla settled onto the ground, you saw a woman who was as beautiful as Arya. She wore a Greek-style wreath around a thick waterfall of blonde hair. she wore a green, velvety gown with lace trimmings and netted sleeves that showed her fair skin. "You have passed," she said in a British accent. She held out her hand. In it was a key made of solid gold and decoated with ruby and emerald studs. You gasped and took it from her hand, so enchanted by its' beauty that you couldn't even speak. She said a few words and the trees rattled and groaned, giving way to an immense stone gateway. The guys were already there. The guys let you slip the key in the lock. You were about to turn it when you looked back at Nyla.
  9. "Nyla?" you ask. "Do you wanna come with us?" She shook her head and said, "I have sworn to serve Lissaine," she said, with no tinge of regret in her voice. You sighed. Lissaine smiled and patted her back. As you guys left, Lissaine cried from behind, "Good-bye, children!" and the gates slammed shut behind you.
  10. As you guys set up your tents, you couldn't stop the words coming out of your mouth- "There's something wrong with Lissaine and Nyla," you said, interrupting the peace and quiet of Axday. "We know," the guys said. you dropped your hammer and stared at them. "Lissaine is serving the mother and has hypnotized Nyla," they said.
  11. Hey guys, I know this was the worst 'Not Any Mortal Boys' quiz I've ever made. My sister was distracting me and made me annoyed as hell so please bare with me!!! The next part will be so much awesomer!!!!

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