GoToQuiz Knows You Hate Annoying Ads

(Psst. We hate them, too)

The GoToQuiz web site does not feature obnoxious advertising such as pop-ups and flash ads that cause sound to play or graphics to cover the screen. We know you're here to take quizzes, not to be assaulted by ads.

Some other quiz sites flood you with annoying advertising

Some web site operators seem content to spam up their pages with annoying ads. In fact, some are so desperate to make a buck that their web sites cause spyware and other nasty programs to download onto your computer. GoToQuiz believes such tactics are despicable and damage the reputations of all sites, even honest ones.

We hope you support our decision not to use spammy advertising. If you don't want to see an internet clogged up with ads, don't visit those sites. Without visitors to spam their ads to, they will go out of business. If you respect GoToQuiz's position on this issue, please make us YOUR online quiz site.

If you think you may have been a victim of other sites installing spyware or pop-up programs on your computer, there are ways to get rid of them. GoToQuiz recommends Lavasoft's Ad-Aware (advanced users may want to try HijackThis). These programs can help you clear the junk off your computer. GoToQuiz has no affiliation with the makers of these programs.

Now back to the quizzes. Have you seen our daily Top 40?

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