Noitect is Activated Part Three {Aria's)

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Hai hai! READ ARTEMIS FOWL! It's nice and interesting because Artemis is a twelve year old boy who's dangerous ! xD I can't summerise anything, I know but I am hyper xD

Anyway do people even read these things? I hope so because these paragraph things make me think xD Hahaha, I feel weird and crazy and happy and..oh look Ben 10!

Created by: Aria

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  1. Okay so before we begin, I would like to add a massive shout out to TheRecklessBam, xxblutixx and WTF_NINJA. These three girls have been by my side, through thick and thin, through everything and they are the best
  2. Now, I would like you all to excuse me but this is going to be really short. It's a filler for part four xD Without further ado, Part three has begun.
  3. Who was he?
  4. I was confused as I came back to my own time. Something didn't feel right. I took down at my neck. I could see that the golden eye from the necklace was missing and was replaced with a fake one. What was that about? Thoughts ran through my head like horses in a gambling race. I gathered all the books I needed on the Dark Hills and as I turned around, I saw the shape shifter. He said, "Didn't I warn you already? The Dark Hills aren't going to help you. Get away from here, far away. You can't defeat Lortnoc." Lortnoc Rezagrats, people. I hate him, hate him so much. He actually killed god, the supremacy of the world and now, I'll get my revenge, one way or the other. What was this dude saying? It made no sense whatsoever but somehow I was getting lost in those black eyes of his. It was hypnotising as Patch's from Teenage Chronicle, the Sequel to Life between Magic and Boys. I stopped and thought for a moment, "˜is this guy trying to protect me or what? Is he on the bad side?' he said, "I was on the bad side. Not anymore though." I asked irritably, "Why are you reading my thoughts?" He smirked and I swear it looked gorgeous but I tried not to think about it in case he invaded my privacy again, "Cuz...I can." I snapped, "Well don't. It's none of your business what I think." He just continued smirking and crossed one leg over the other, his arms folded and his muscles showing through his black t-shirt. Was I attracted to this cold, unknown stranger?
  5. I shook that out of my head and inquired, "What do you mean you WERE on the bad side? Aren't you still?" he retorted, "It's complicated. I'm not doing what Lortnoc wants me to do. I'm just stalling. Don't ask me anything." I wondered aloud, "What if he finds out?" He raised his eyebrows, "what if? I'm his best mate, the best he's got. He can't let go of me. I know too much info and he can't kill me as he made the unbreakable vow." I scoffed but quickly covered up and he asked, "Why don't you join us?" oh...this is what he was getting to. I should have realised. I explained calmly, "I have to fight. Plus, I don't even know you." He held out his hand and I shook it. He said, "I'm Tristen." His name suited him, the bad boy look and everything. I wanted to question him further but the night had fallen like a blanket on us all. We exchanged numbers and I flew home through the back door. I was quiet as a mouse but when I looked through the front window, my eyes were deceiving me. I knew my eyes were deceiving me. I saw my best friend, Anersa and my father and the hoe hugging as though they were a complete family and I didn't exist. Tears rolled down my eyes, I was angry. Anersa could've just told me. She should have told me. Why is it that every time I come home, I see bad stuff? I ran up to my art studio upstairs and curled up in a corner, confused and frustrated. Why didn't Anersa tell me? Why didn't she tell me that she and I were step sisters? Why didn't she say that her mother is the reason my family was never perfect? I told her everything...everything about my life but she couldn't tell me the one thing that mattered the most? I slowly bolted upwards, ready to fly and flew out of my window. My destination: Noitect Protection Programme. As I arrived, I saw a red light. I checked the security room, it was smashed, all the electronics, all cameras, all the security tapes. It was dreadful. As the top of the ceiling, there was the Dark Mark. Someone died.
  6. I took out my little orange gem necklace and held tight it, making all members come to me. As they all reached, they looked sombre. I asked, "What's going on?" Steve said, "Dav, we've gotten ourselves a bit of company. Bad company too. Rezagrats men and some death eaters came. It was terrible. We missed spells by the skin of our teeth but we know who was in charge." I crossed my fingers and hoped it wasn't a death eater. I looked him in the eyes and whispered, "Who?" He glumly replied, "Malfoy. She came and apparently Rezagrats got her to be on his side. Only one person died and that's a huge success but it was a terrible sight, nonetheless." I looked around the room, silence filling it as my eyes rested upon everyone. Beast boy died.
  7. My heart was sinking, everything around me felt fake. No...beast boy is stronger than that. How did he...? My questioned was answered by Raven, "He was going to turn into a tiger and a death eater or whatever did a killing curse." My eyes started to water and I fell to the floor. I've known beast boy since I was small. He was the only one I could actually talk to but now he's gone and there's nothing I could do. I wiped my tears but my eyes kept flowing. It was like a waterfall. Every drop represented my pain, my suffering. I was thinking further. The Teen Titans are done. Without Beast Boy, there aren't any teen titans; they won't want to go on, to fight for us. After half an hour, I regained whatever composure there was left of me and I announced that I was going out. Do I need back-up? I don't think so. I said my goodbye and flew out of the window. My destination: Malfoy's freaking Manor. This dirty little cockroach is going to pay. Her son, Draco was going to be a part of Noitect and I gave him the passcode. Draco is an evil little scumbag, how could he do this? As I arrived, I saw Draco. Immediately, I shoved him against the wall and demanded, "WHY THE HELL DID YOU TELL YOUR MOTHER NOITECT'S PASSCODE? WHY?!" I shook him as hard as I could and the dummy played he was confused. He screamed, "What in the name of merlin are you talking about Davina?!" I let go of him and turned to face the garden. I said, "Your mother and her fellow death eaters along with some of Rezagrats men came into Noitect and killed my friend. They killed him for no reason. Someone betrayed us; someone knew the passcode for Noitect and they gave it to your mother. I know it is you Draco so just admit it." He pulled me and I faced those grey eyes of his. He said seriously, "I would never do that."
  8. For once, I think I believed him but it still didn't match up. Someone still betrayed us and I need to know who. I questioned him, "Who do you think would give your mother the passcode?" He thought and said, "Wasn't Mother there the time you carried us to Noitect?" I tried to recollect that memory and BAM! I remembered. Oh damn, this was MY entire fault now. Stupid Davina Sparks for giving away the passcode. They must've heard when I entered it into the system. I said, "Draco, I'm going in to have a little "˜chat' with your father. If I don't come out, take this," I handed him my small owl that I always carry around in my pocket, "and message Tristen." He spluttered, "Who is Tristen?" I slapped my forehead and took a piece of paper from inside my jacket and a pen and wrote, "Help. –Davina." I explained to Draco, "just attach the note to the owl and tell it to go to Tristen. It'll know where to find him. That is if I don't come out in five minutes or if I don't send any signal that everything's alright." He nodded and I went inside. The place was darkly lit with candles; it looked haunted. I don't understand how Draco lived here his entire life. I cautiously walked into an office and put the lights on. Next thing I knew, someone grabbed my two hands. A trap; I should've known. A single light switched on and I saw three men and Narissa. It was Narissa Malfoy, Fenrir Greyback, Amycus Carrow and wait, it wasn't three men. It was two men, Narissa and Carrow's sister. Oops, I stifled a giggle which was highly inappropriate at this time seeing as you're surrounded by Death Eaters. Narissa smirked with pleasure, "Well well well, little Davina Sparks has to save the day." You considered your options: be nice to her and stab her in the back or just be completely mean. You chose the latter. You spat, "Of course. I'm the girl version of Harry you know. Don't you see?" I felt myself being slapped across my face, making it bleed. Ouch, that was a little harsh just for me commenting on something. Guess she won't need answers then, I thought. Amycus Carrow said, "Don't play smart you twit. Now tell us, what is this zandoid about?" The zandoid! I completely forgot. Avinis is maybe in grave danger and no one is with him. I know how these stupid Death Eaters can do all sorts of magic so I cleared my mind of all thoughts. I stared into the cold blue eyes of Malfoy and she stared right back at me. Suddenly I felt Greyback gripping my shoulder. He whispered in my ear, "Girl, when Narissa is done with you, I'll take care of you." Shivers ran down my spine and I spat in his face. I looked at the clock; four minutes had gone since I got inside. I hope Tristen will get that letter. They started questioning me and when I refused to answer, I got slapped. In five minutes timing, I saw a flash of lightning but I know it was just a spark from Tristen because that's how he flies. I felt weak; I was losing blood. The last thing I remember was Tristen coming into the room.
  9. I woke up in an unfamiliar room and I tried to talk, it ached. The room was like a suite. I was in awe by it and I saw the door open. Tristen came in with a tray of food and said, "How are you feeling?" I smiled, "Much better than before. How did you get out?" He looked uneasy, "It was difficult. I had to use my flying and that drained some energy because when I flew, they couldn't see me. I grabbed you and a spell missed us by an inch. You're lucky to be alive because they kept chasing us even after we left." I munched on some pancakes while he tidied up the room. He said, "Sparks, you have contact NPP and tell them you're alright." I took out my phone and called Achilles. He answered, worried, "DAVINA! Where the hell are you?! Are you alright?!" I giggled, "Achilles, I'm alright. I'm with a friend. Just tell Noitect members that I'll be there in a few hours." He sighed, "Fine but next time, be careful." I said, "yes sir" and hung up the phone. I was bored so I took up a book called "˜Don't Leave Me Hanging by Layli Star.' I got caught up in it and I decided to Youtube that song which was playing in my head for a few nights now. It's called Right Here Waiting by Richard Marx. As I listened to it, it made me cry and i hoped Tristen didn't notice. I turned away from the laptop but i didn't seem him in the room. Maybe he was in the lounge downstairs or something, it really didn't matter to me. I took out my phone and breathed. Can I really face Anersa after all the lies? I've known her for my entire life and she lied to me? She knew...she knew about our dad, well her dad and my step dad. I wondered if she just befriended me because she knew she'll backstab me. Wait, what am I saying? It's the same Anersa I've known. "˜No it isn't,' I argued with myself. Is that strange? Talking to myself? I think not, many people do it.
  10. It was evening and I wanted to go to Noitect. I called Tristen from the bathroom and he said, "Gimme a second Davina. I need to put on my t-shirt." He came out in a minute and said, "I'll carry you because I know you won't be able to fly." Oh right, my powers are weak. I need to get back my energy and get into training again. As I arrived at Noitect, all the members, every single one of them engulfed me in a hug. Tristen had long gone and I didn't blame him because they didn't know him. The last one who came up to me was Achilles. He said, "Davina, you have to tell me what went on. Oh and who's the guy you were with?" I face palmed myself. I can't believe he saw that. I muttered, "Tristen." Achilles asked me to describe him and because I didn't want to cause any confusion, I did. When I finished, Achilles was aghast. He whispered, "Davina, he's Rezagrats' son."

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