Noitect is Activated Part Nine. {Aria's}

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So this is part nine. ASDFGHJKL. Gibberish. I can't believe we're coming close to the end. All my readers are going to have a little surprise that is...

I can't tell you the surprise if it's a surprise, haha!I'm sure you'll like it. I hope you'll like it. I love each and every one of you who has been with me from the start.

Created by: Aria

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  1. Recap: . Draco flew to my side, “Good one but we best get on ground!” I nodded and shouted to the team, “Land!” We all slowly landed and the opposing team tried to attack us but Dumbledore’s Army and I all said, “Petrificus Totalus!” at the same time. It didn’t work though as they kept coming straight towards us. I used a strange spell I’ve never used before to shield my team but I knew it was weakening me. The guards were like ogres, just worse smelling and worse looking.
  2. The ogres or whatever they were, were coming towards us and my shield wasn’t protecting us anymore. There was a huge break out as everyone started to fight. I shouted to Draco, “BE CAREFUL. THERE’S ONE BEHIND YOU!” He turned around in time, casting a spell at them. I know he wouldn’t kill unless he’s in an extremely dangerous situation and I think he should kill right now but I guess he’s only going to disarm and stun them. As soon as we were sure the ogres were either dead or too weak to even fight back, we entered the building.
  3. The rusty, deformed door creaked on its hinges and squealed as it swung open of its own accord. This was the last room. I could feel Marcus standing right behind me, and his laboured breathing was the loudest thing in this barren hallway. I felt bad. He had been injured in the fighting downstairs, and I couldn't do anything about it. I just felt so helpless when everyone else around me still had powers.
  4. Not that I really could heal anything with my powers before, but, I mean, I could've prevented Marcus from getting hurt in the first place."Davina," he breathed in my ear, "This doesn't feel right. There's something very evil on the other side." It was a trap. I knew it had to be, and Rezagrats must be waiting on the other side, waiting with the zandoid. The old, rotten wooden floors shook as something downstairs hit the supporting pillar of the house. The sounds were muted, though, by the protective barrier Draco had put up behind me. I guess he learned it while he was with the Death Eaters, but it was only Marcus and me who were able to get through. Draco's barrier was selective, and he had been forced to go duel one of Rezagrats's men before either he or the others could follow.
  5. I wonder if he and the other Hogwarts students were having flashbacks right now, and I felt a pang of uneasiness at what I would have to do."Marcus. Stay here," I ordered him, taking quiet steps down the hallway, but he grabbed my left arm, turning me around to face him. "Davina, what are you going to do? You can't go in there alone! This Rezagrats guy sounds serious," Marcus forcibly whispered. "You don't understand, Marcus. I HAVE to do this, and I have to do it alone. There's something I need to make up for," I whispered back, intending to break his grip and walk away before I could change my mind, but the look in his green eyes rooted me to the spot. "Are you sure I can't change your mind?" he asked.
  6. The truth bounced around in my head. 'No, I know you can' but if I told him that, there would be no way he'd let me go, so I told him what I had to, "Yes. I need to do this, and you can't stop me." He did it anyway. He kissed me, and for that moment, I forgot everything. His kiss warmed me from the inside out and the tip of his tongue lightly ran across the surface of my lips, encouraging me to stay with him longer. Still, my guilt, my purpose, my duty was stronger. I broke away and nearly sprinted towards the open door, the burn of his passion still tingling on my lips.
  7. Crashing into the room, I immediately had to roll to the side and barely avoided a jet of green magic, a killing curse. I stood up and faced him. Rezagrats. His crinkly dark brown hair was wild and unkempt, forming almost a ring of a halo around his sunken-in potato-like face. A halo he definitely didn't deserve. Little pitted black eyes looked out at me, glinting with malice, and the gash on his face that was his mouth hung wide in open mockery of me, "Davina Sparks, still on your toes I see."
  8. "Rezagrats," I spat, "Where's the zandoid?" "Why it's right here of course. Son, bring out the gem for the lady," Rezagrats orders, and out of the shadows in the back came Tristen carrying a small jewellery box in his well-built arms. His black eyes kept darting back and forth guiltily between me and the surrounding as if he didn't want to make eye contact, but he couldn't resist looking. That's right. He better not look at me with those same annoyingly captivating black eyes of his that he lied to me with.
  9. I hoped he was reading my thoughts, so that he could know just how much I despised liars. Rezagrats pops open the clasp of the box to show 3 items nestled into the velvet lining: a lime green emerald, a golden eye, and a black vial. The zandoid and my mother's necklace. "Recognize something?" Rezagrats baited me, stroking the gold. "Don't you dare touch that with your dirty fingers, you murderer," I growled, and he cackled, "Me? Oh, no, I'm sure you remember... YOU are the one with blood on your hands. You killed Him."
  10. There was no way he could've been there, and everyone else would've hated me if I pulled another false alarm like the other two times that day. And so, the-Lortnoc-that-was-not-there snuck into the room where God lay and had the time to kill him, undetected, showing his triumphant, ugly face only to me as the protection force rushed into the room. I could've tried harder. I probably could've done something, and now... now it was all over because God is dead. What does the world have to live for without Him?
  11. Okay my lovely people! From question four, that's when xxblutixx's part started! She wrote all of that and more to come in the next part! I hope you all enjoyed it and at the end of the next quiz, there will be a little surprise! Love you all! Aspire and reach for your dreams! Jump to the sky! x

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