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  • It's so awesome to see my writing up in someone else's story x) Right now, I can't believe I wrote that? Like, what? No, that's not my style, but it is, and I actually am satisfied with it ^.^ I had a really fun time writing it too!

    Just one thing, I think part of a paragraph got cut off before question #12:

    "I don't know what compelled me to do it, but I looked down at my hands. I could see the blood, dark red and viscous, dripping off my skin, embedded in my nails. He was right... it was me. I sunk to the ground involuntarily, surrounded by a pool of the stuff, with God's body in my arms. His corpse. A lump developed in my throat. I couldn't breathe for the sight of it, and the tears came, heavy and guilty. It was me. My fault. Rezagrats was right. It was all my fault. The world was crap because me. If I never existed, this wouldn't have happened. Rezagrats wouldn't have taken over. I hadn't stopped him when he had. I had seen Rezagrats off to the side when no one else had, but I thought I was just imagining things."

    I might already know what's coming up directly next, but I don't care, I still can't wait for the next part, even though I know that means it closer to the end D: oh oh oh, the end is always so sad T.T


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