Noise and Ear IQ Quiz

This quiz was given at the "Make Hyperacusis History!" benefit dinner. Only a few made a perfect score. Can you beat the crowd? They were not allowed to use google so try it first without help.

Gaining knowledge about the auditory system and the dangers of noise is helpful for everyone, not just those who already have hearing loss, tinnitus or hyperacusis.

Created by: Hyperacusis Research of Hyperacusis Research
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  1. Today, more than ______ Americans are estimated to suffer from significant hearing loss.
  2. The recommended environmental noise exposure level to prevent hearing loss in the general public is an average of ________ over 24 hours.
  3. Since older adults have more hearing loss than younger people (45% of those aged 60-69 years; 68% of those aged 70-79 years), hearing loss is mostly caused by aging.
  4. The standard for occupational noise exposure to prevent hearing loss in workers is _____ A-weighted decibels (dB(A)) with time exposure limits of 8 hours a day).
  5. If you don't feel the effects of a loud noise exposure immediately after the event (such as attending a loud sporting event for several hours) then no ear damage occurred.
  6. When damaged by sound, the main hearing sensory components of the inner ear, the cochlear hair cells, do not heal and repair themselves over time like your skin when damaged.
  7. The only way to know how loud sound levels are in your environment (to measure sound decibel levels) is to buy an expensive sound meter.
  8. Noise cancelling technology works best to reduce the sound level of:
  9. What percent of the grant funding National Institute of Health is used for research associated with Auditory and Communication Disorders (to fund the NIDCD)?
  10. What percent of the U.S. adult population have experienced tinnitus lasting at least five minutes in the past year?

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