Nintendo Knowledge

Many people play games, but do they know much about the companies who make them? See what you know about Nintendo, one of gaming's biggest names. Nintendo is the oldest video game company that is still kicking.

Are you an Nintendo Fan? Take this quiz to find out! When was Nintendo founded? What was the first game? Who's the president of Nintendo? Find questions like these in this quiz.

Created by: ToastGhost
  1. What year was Nintendo originally founded?
  2. What did Nintendo sell at first?
  3. Who was called originally jumpman?
  4. What company that was once a division of Nintendo is now a Microsoft Company?
  5. What kind of sports team is Nintendo the majority owner of?
  6. Which of the following divisions has Nintendo tried?
  7. How many Nintendo 64's were sold?
  8. Which game was NOT for the SNES?
  9. What was the GameBoy Micro's codename?
  10. Which is an accessory for the SNES?

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