What Nintendo System are you?

Nintendo has gone through events that were good and bad. They make the Game and Watch. They create Mario. They get into a big fight with SEGA and Sony. But Nintendo has risen again with Wii! But what will happen if their competeters try again?

But only YOU have that power! If you are a Game and Watch, we might lose Nintendo! If your a Wii, then we will keep Nintendo! Please take this quiz and save Nintendo from SEGA and Sony! Save Nintendo, save the world.

Created by: Leon
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  1. Do you have a Nintendo system in your house?
  2. Do you like Donkey Kong times or Super Mario Galaxy times?
  3. Do you like Nintendo or SEGA?
  4. Did you ever play an old Nintendo game?
  5. Do you want a Wii?
  6. Do you have DS or DS Lite?
  7. Did you like the release of Super Smash Bros. Melee?
  8. Someone has stolen your Xbox. What do you do?
  9. Do you enjoy fighting games or racing games?
  10. Do you like Mr. Game and Watch or Mii?

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Quiz topic: What Nintendo System am I?