which console are you?

xbox360, playstation 3, nintendo wii, its so hard to figure out which one is the best, but which one best fits your style of gaming and overall YOU? Have you had trouble picking which system you want to buy? take this quiz and help yourself figure out which one you like best.

are you a shooter or a rpg? are you a middle man? have you played an online game? do you enjoy classics like contra, zelda, super mario or galaga? do you have a favorite company such as nintendo, sony or microsoft? find out if your an xbox360, playstation 3 or the new and unique nintendo wii

Created by: phil

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. 1st or 3rd person gaming?
  2. RPG or Shooter
  3. halo, final fantasy or zelda
  4. do you own a super nintendo, regular nintendo, ps1/ps2 or an xbox? if you own all of them which do you like best?
  5. who do you like better Mario/link, Kratos(god of war), or master cheif
  6. would you spen extra cash for a dvd player
  7. big and bulky console or smll and sleek
  8. long lasting games or games you can beat in 2 weeks
  9. would you pay extra for online play
  10. microsoft or sony?

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Quiz topic: Which console am I?