The Nintendo Quiz

HAHAHAHAAA!! You have entered the dreaded Nintendo Quiz!! How do you feel?? Scared? Well, one thing is for sure: you are not getting 100%. I'm DEAD serious. Unless you are a HUGE Nintendo fan. I mean HUGE!! OK. Good Luck out there.

To really pass this quiz, you need the brains of a Nintendo fan. Maybe not the brains like me. hahahaha. This is a very hard quiz, and you will get to see how much of a Nintendo Fan you really are. Bon appitet.

Created by: PJ of this site
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  1. What is the 1st Nintendo arcade game that came out?
  2. Was "Pong" created by Nintendo?
  3. What was the 1st 3D Nintendo game?
  4. What is Nintendo's current next-gen system?
  5. Ok. Survey Question. Do you think that this quiz is retarded? Be honest person.
  6. The 1st shooter for Wii out of these choices?
  7. Which game comes out on Nov.12?
  8. Which of these 3rd party developers find friendship with Nintendo?
  9. Wow. 11th question. How do you live these types of things?
  10. zKMLfhlkajdfhklj khjldfhfkjlahd.
  11. holy crap. the last Q. Which co. is best and how do u feel about yourself?

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